Heat Wave

We’ve been close to, or hitting, record high temperatures. It’s been hot!!! Needless to say, we’ve been at my parents a lot lately enjoying their pool. I haven’t been online much at all. The weather, the baby, finding some semblance of routine again…

Next week the children and I are heading to bible camp and then after that DH, the children and I are going to Ottawa. The next few weeks are busy ones!

Do you spend less time online in the summer?


We did speak to her about how it is unsafe to climb a ladder in flippers!


This is John’s horse…or boat. It’s hard to keep up!


And this is Isaac happy. I ‘m loving his crazy happy faces! The pictures don’t do the expressions justice! I’m so thankful for my sweet little miracle and his amazing recovery! My heart is full of gratitude for those who had a hand in it, and that He had Isaac and I in His hand through it all!


  1. Sounds like you have your hands full, but in the most wonderful way. I’m a mother of two myself and understand the difficulty in finding a routine that works for any length of time. I’m glad that 5 minute Friday brought me here.

  2. Oh yes, this heat wave has been killer! Your pics are beautiful summer memories… a perfect representation of full. 🙂

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