Murphy’s Oil Soap to Remove Dry Erase Marker


Last week Chloe got hold of a dry erase black marker and had a hay-day in her room during nap time. Doors, walls, desk, laundry basket, bathroom and her quilt! A combination of Epicure’s All Purpose Cleaner, a Magic Eraser along with perseverance and her room is cleaned up.

The quilt was another story. I put it in the wash right away on warm, having sprayed it with Resolve Dual action and adding a Stain Release to the load. No effect. I tried nail polish remover and alcohol; both of which worked pretty well with an ink fiasco before. Nothing worked. The marker was still on the quilt. I did not dry the quilt in the dryer!

A google search led me to try Murphy’s Oil Soap. I bought a good sized bottle and tested on a small area first and it seemed fine. I poured some undiluted Murphy’s Oil Soap directly on the first mark. I used a toothbrush, then scrubbed with a floor brush which had firmer bristles. I had a towel underneath that absorbed some of the ink. I did this with all the marks until I was tired. I then washed it and let it air dry. The following day I repeated and the next day too.

Murphy’s Soap Oil, a lot of elbow grease and effort later and you can’t see the dry erase marker unless you examine the quilt closely. I’m hoping one more scrub/wash cycle and they will be gone permanently.

Murphy’s Soap Oil to remove dry erase marker off a quilt worked for me! I’m so thankful since it really is a beautiful quilt.


  1. At Sunday School they let the kids use dry erase markers and another kid got a mark on the arm of my son’s white dress shirt! Nothing has worked for me yet so I’ll have to give this a go.

  2. Murphy oil soap worked for my son’s clothes. I didn’t see it totally disappear until I washed the spots with Dawn dish soap and water after treating it. Once I did that you couldn’t see the marker at all.

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