BecoPotty by BecoThings (+ Giveaway)


We received the BecoPotty by BecoThings as part of the Simply Baby Series from Fulton Sales, their Canadian distributor. I was ecstatic.

When I was pregnant with our first, Chloe, I thought about EC’ing. I loved the concept and since it works for cultures around the world  I completely believe it is possible. My husband witnessed it first hand during his time in Africa. I tried it a few times with our newborn but it seemed so awkward on the toilet and I quickly gave up. Had I known about this potty, perhaps my endeavors would have been more successful.

Chloe was 10 months when I discovered I was expecting John. Despite my failed attempt at EC’ing, our new arrival led me to start thinking about potty training a little earlier than I might have otherwise. The toilet was very high and scary for her. We tried a couple potty designs but never found anything I was thrilled with. Eventually, I simply held her on the potty seat on the toilet and it went well from there. I think the design of the BecoPotty, nicely rounded, no square edges, is perfect for a little tot with a tiny tush.

I tried to potty train John starting about 18 months but John just wasn’t interested. John is now 2 1/2 and definitely ready to start.

As I started looking around BecoPotty stood out for several reasons:

  • Made from natural plant fibers
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Biodegradable
  • High back offers extra support
  • Large splashguard helps keep potty training hygienic and is good for boys

I have to say, the whole idea of planting flowers in our potty and watching it decompose over time in our garden was the number one appeal for me. You see, we’re planning to home-school and this sounds like a pretty neat science experiment. In addition to the fact that it is good for the environment, made of sustainable plant materials and leftovers, even the packaging that it came with was made out of recycled cardboard. I also liked that it was so portable!


How cool is this process?

BambooA Becopotty starts life as bamboo waste and rice husks, which are leftover materials from farming.

Right Arrow
Mixing Bowl

We take these natural plant fibers and grind them into a fine powder.

BecoPottyLeft Arrow
By adding a biodegradable resin and pressing the powder in a hot mould a Becopotty is born.

~From BecoThings Website

When it arrived, I was surprised at how small it was. That being said,  it means that not only can you EC with your newborn, infant or larger baby with it, but it is the perfect size for a tot to squat on. Squatting, with the high splashguard may make for less messy potty training with a little boy. When John sits on a training seat on the toilet, though we tuck “it” in, somehow pee still finds it’s way all over the seat. {sigh}


The honest truth? Mommy loves this potty more than John. Though we didn’t really use a potty with Chloe, I thought perhaps John would feel more inclined to start if he had ownership of his own little potty. I was wrong. At 2 1/2, he doesn’t want a potty, he wants to sit on the toilet. I know this isn’t the case with many little ones toilet training. They find toilets to be too big and even using a stool, it can be difficult to get on and off the toilet. A potty would be a good solution in that case but in ours? If my stubborn little man wants a toilet, then a toilet he gets!

Buy It!

I’m a regular customer of Ottawa Cloth Diapers and they just started selling the BecoPotty. If you have questions about where to find BecoPotty, Fulton Sales would be delighted to help you! You can find Fulton on facebooktwitter and their area rep contact information on their website.

Win It! {CLOSED}

Emily G is the winner of the BecoPotty. Congratulations.

So for all you potty training mama’s out there, we have a  giveaway just for you. Not potty training? You can enter anyway. It’s easy!

Main Entry: Simply leave a comment: have you heard of Becopotty? Tried it? Have a favorite potty training tip?

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  • Open to Canada & USA.Closes April 10, 2011.
  • Disclosure: I received a becopotty from Fulton sales for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation and all opinions expressed here are my own unless otherwise indicated.



  1. I have never heard of that potty or ecing. Cool!

  2. I follow you on gfc

  3. I have never heard of this company or potty before, sounds very cool though! I did EC with Claire and she was pooping on the potty at 2 months!! It’s great! Little man isn’t so fond though!

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  6. Haven’t heard of it before, but it looks great 🙂

  7. GFC Follower 🙂

  8. I have not heard about this product or company, but I love their philosophy! I try to be very conscious of what I buy for my son, so I love this idea.


  9. I have heard od Becopotty and have considered getting one for my 10 month old son. I have also read a tiny bit about ecing but haven’t moved forward to actually try it

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  15. Never heard of this brand before, but my son’s potty training right now and finally making some progress!

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  20. I saw these at the ottawa store and thought that’s what I’m going to get when it’s time but didn’t realize it was that small, too neat.

  21. I`ve heard of Becopotty, but never tried it

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  27. How great is this?!? 😀

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  29. I have never heard of the potty but have heard of EC. Encourage the little one with positive reinforcement.

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  31. I’ve never heard of this potty! Love it now though!

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  36. I have not heard of this product before! I love that it is very earth friendly! I plan on starting to potty train when my daughter is close to 2 years old.

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  42. I have never hear of Becopotty!

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  54. Until I received your email with the invitation to read this review, I had never heard of Beco-Potty or any of their other products. Being a grandmother of a grandgirl in training I have to say…COOL! I love the idea of how it can be put in the garden. I mean, seriously, I have seen stacks of plastic potty chairs, high chairs, walkers, etc in the dump. This makes total sense. Thank you for the review!

  55. I am a new fan of fulton sales on FB as Laurie Harrison

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  57. I’ve heard a thing or two (all good!) but never tried for myself (yet!)

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  63. I’ve never heard of them before – i look forward to trying them!

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  65. My cousin has a Becco potty for her little girl and she loves it! It fits her tush quite well!

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  68. I have never heard of a becopotty, but we are about to start training with our youngest and this sounds like a great one!

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  71. Hello… never tried or heard of the Beco potty… would love to test it out with our next potty trainer in a long line of potty training kiddos !!

  72. Have like Fulton and joined Beco on FB !!

  73. Stephanie Hofland
    Stephanie Hofland

    I have not tried a BecoPotty – but I am very interested! I am so sad to see my baby girl be done with her cloth diapers.. but I know it’s coming!!

  74. I had never heard of it before! It’s so small! We’re just starting potty training on our 2 yr old. Fun times! 🙂

  75. First of all, new follower here. Glad I found your blog!

    I just started hearing about the BecoPotty recently but haven’t tried it. Our daughter is 4 months old and I’m considering ECing with her. From the reviews it sounds like this would be a good potty choice!

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  81. Havent heard of it before but its awesome! my daughter is 2 and we are hoping to potty train her soon.

  82. I have never heard of this.

  83. I haven’t heard of BecoPotty. I have already been through the potty training fun with my oldest (now 6) and my best advice is to read lots of books and watch videos about the potty. Her favorite was Once Upon a Potty. We are going to be starting to train her little sister in a couple months so a new potty would be great!

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  86. We got one recently…our 2 yr old saw it on the computer and decided she needed to have a pink potty! Of course get it home and it just makes a good toy…but someday…someday…lol. I find it fits our 9 month old even better, could totally see it being useful for some EC’ing. Would love to win one to pass on to friends with a little one.

  87. Following you on GFC(beth R)

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  89. Earth lovin’ products are always appealing and a potty is something i have yet to purchase so I would love to get my paws on this.

  90. i haven’t heard of becopotty, it looks really neat though. one potty training tip is to be patient and do not give up, it’s not going to be easy!

  91. I never heard of it or tried it but it would come in handy potty training my 3 year old. my potty training tip is to keep track of how often they use the potty and reward them for going potty.

  92. I haven’t heard of beco-potty what a great idea though with so many plastic items out there to make bio-degradable baby products!

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  97. Never heard of it, but looks great!


  98. I have never heard of it, no tips but I have seem some moms blog about naked potty training, might try that or just try cloth training panties
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  102. I have not heard of Becco and my best training tip is to reward and praise when my son goes to the potty.

  103. I’ve never heard of Becopotty before, but this would be a great gift for my sister and her son!

  104. I have not tried it. My tip is not to get discouraged.

  105. I’ve never heard of Becopotty before but I love how small it is! My daughter is 26 months and were are just about to begin potty training, so perfect timing!!

  106. “Mommy loves this potty more than John.” Poor John!
    I’ve been looking all over the net and haven’t been able to find a one piece like we had in asia. This looked good but after seeing your photos it looks really small. So sad it’s so hard to find a one piece toilet and without elmo or dora too.

  107. I’ve never heard of it, but I think it’s quite unique. For potty training of my oldest – consistency was the key — took him every 20 minutes!

    autumn398 @

  108. I have never heard of this potty before my best tip after finding out if your child is ready for training is to ask are you ready to train.

  109. I’ve heard of it – never tried it. My best tip is to just be patient. I’ve had a child who potty trained at 3 1/2 – everyone was nagging me to death about it. My next child was potty trained by 1 1/2, with no change in how we do things. And they were both truly trained – we’ve had a total of maybe two accidents each (which all occured when we went to the park or somewhere fun and they didn’t want to stop playing long enough!).

  110. I like becothings on fb!

  111. I have heard of beco but we aren’t quite at the potty learn stage. I love that the beco is made of natural fibres!
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  116. I had never heard of Becopotty until today – I can’t wait for my son to use it, but I almost look more forward to planting flowers in it when he outgrows it!

  117. Never heard of it before, but it’s brilliant! laura_licious101(at)hotmail*com

  118. Never heard of it. I have potty trained 3 kiddos and am about to start my fourth in the next few months, this would be great!

  119. I have never hears of beco pottie but it sounds great

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  122. I have never heard of it! Very neat!

  123. I have never heard of them before, but I guess my tip is to introduce the potty before it is a necesity so they get curious and used to it!

  124. I have never heard of the Becopotty, but I’m so glad that I learned about it on your blog. This looks like just what my family needs! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
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  131. I’ve never heard of Becopotty but it sounds like a great idea!

  132. I’ve never heard of it.
    With my son I offered treats and he was potty trained in a couple of days. Now I need to start with my twins.

  133. I’m a GFC follower.

  134. I’m an email subscriber.

  135. I’ve never tried it or even heard of it. I’m open to new ideas though. I’ve had such problems with my nearly 3 year old son!

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