Tiny Tidbits Winter Edition 2011


Gnawing on prime rib bones is an exciting time! Why daddy felt the need to strip them is beyond me.

July 2010 Tidbits {I forgot to post}

Chloe said to me, “Mommy, do you want to know what I would like for my birthday?” {which is over 6 months away} “I want a sister”.

So I ask her, “A real one or a pretend one?” {these are important questions to ask! We weren’t actually planning any more children at this time.}

“A real one to play with.” Chloe answered.

Well, I told her that sisters come from God and that if she really wanted a sister, she could start praying and telling Jesus about how much she would like one.

John, {who obviously has less faith than his sister and I} proclaimed, “I yike a sister too. I ask daddy!”


Chloe and John were sitting beside each other eating peanut butter toast for breakfast with juice. John eats faster than Chloe. He finished his toast {except the crusts which he doesn’t like} then put his crusts on Chloe’s plate and took her untouched second toast. She of course started crying. I asked John what he was doing. He innocently explained, “I don’t yike dis {pointing at the crusts}, I get dis” {holding up Chloe’s nicely peanut buttered toast} as if it made perfect sense. Which it does. When you’re almost, but not quite, two.


I was playing Uno Moo with Chloe and she won. Grinning, I think she meant to ask if we could play again but instead she said to me, “Mommy, can I win again?”


Current 2011 Tidbits

Chloe {holding a coat hanger}: “John, lets go kill all the Pharisees in the synagogue.”

John: “OK. ‘Oh-ey’ but I got no sword!”

{where do they come up with this stuff?!?}


While playing Play Doh:

Chloe: John, are you Mr. Silly Pirate?

John: No! I a bad pirate!

Chloe: Oh, would you like me to make you pie, Bad Pirate?

John: Yes, pease. I ‘yub’  pie. Tank you, see you next week.


After putting Chloe to bed the other night, I had just settled myself down to watch a movie with my husband when I heard a little voice call, “Mom?” Since I had just put her down I knew she had went potty, had a drink, said prayers, had ducky etc. I called back to her {slightly impatiently}, “Chloe, go to sleep!” There was a little pause and then I heard, “Mom"? I can’t.  John is in my bed.” I went up and sure enough, John had gotten out of his bed, went into her room and made himself all cozy where she should be sleeping. I guess he was lonely. LOL


As we were driving along this fall, Chloe (then 3) was examining her arm. “I have a mole” she exclaimed. John promptly replied,  “Oh, No! Mommy will have to sew it.”


Chloe: “John, we’re going to learn a new verse this week. John 14:2 The bees will come and eat all the honey. John, would you like to say our new verse?” {What version is this?!?}


Chloe says to me this morning, "Mom, I would like to get dressed. I want to be pretty and stylish. Should I wear a tutu?"


I was laying in bed the other day feeling awful. Chloe and John came in to make me feel better. Unfortunately John accidently fell and landed on my head as Chloe accidently wacked me with the book she was going to read me. I am loved!


And my husband had a cute moment with Chloe the other morning too!


What funny things have your children said lately?


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