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Free Shipping

I love I stumbled across them this spring and have delightedly taken advantage of their sales and specials, the convenience of ordering online and the FREE shipping anywhere in Canada.

I tend to shop around for the best deals on our toiletries and pharmacy needs however, with two small tots in tow and another on the way, sometimes it is a real sanity saver to sit at my computer, order what I need, and know it will arrive within days. With the price of gas these days, sometimes it is cheaper to order something online if it is in between a shopping trip and I need it.

Fast Shipping

At times I’ve placed an order on Monday only to have it arrive on my doorstep on Wednesday. They’re pretty fast, their customer service is fantastic and they have an excellent return policy.

Free Samples

February is Free Sample Month at Spend $30 and you get to pick three samples (some are sample size and others full size) of your choice! They have a large range of samples to choose from: shampoo to baby lotion to lozenges to multivitamins. Pretty neat!

Fantastic Selection

They have quite the selection of products from your every day ones to eco/green choices, including Badger Sunscreen which is one that we use on the littles because of it’s low toxicity rating. They do not carry our absolute favorite sunscreen which is Episencial Sunny Sunscreen which is only available in the USA at this time I think. {If you buy it from Ecomom you can save 15% using  Referral Code: SB005378}. I hope they do carry it if it every becomes available in these parts!

So if you’re Canadian, use toiletries and cleaning products and love free shipping, I encourage you to bookmark this site. {Please use my afflilate link – yep, that’s a shameless plea}.

Had you hear of and the free shipping Canada-wide before today?

  • I was not compensated in anyway for this post. It is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase through it, I earn a little and send you a big virtual hug. I love, use it frequently and am hope you can benefit from it too!