Tot School: Monkey Pegs & Lauri

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What do we look for in toys?

  • Durable, quality
  • Classic, timeless
  • Inspires creativity
  • Requires imagination
  • Demands interaction
  • Educational in some way
  • Can grow with the child in some capacity
  • Improves motor skills
  • Preferably no batteries

That being said, everything doesn’t have to always be educational. Chloe does have Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Ponies, which she loves. John has his little action figures.  We also do have a few battery toys too.

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I guess that is why we love the lauri products. They use their pegs to create all sorts of games, make swords, towers, houses. They count them, sort them by colors, make patterns. Later on, we will use these as math manipulatives when we reach that stage of our home school journey. Lauri also makes a monkey version, which John received for Christmas. He enjoys those as well and they are compatible with their current peg system, which is kind of neat.


What qualities and characteristics do you look for in a toy?


  1. First and foremost they must be earth-friendly. I always consider what will happen to them at end of life. Plastics are out, wood is in, for us! 🙂 If you’re looking for games, check out Blue Orange- they’re fun, sustainable, and educational too!

    • @willowsprite…that wasn’t on my list {blush} but it should be shouldn’t it? I’m definitely going to check out Blue Orange – never heard of them!!

  2. Our toys must be durable. I already have to fix a stuffed animal we got for Christmas 🙁

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