What is your Product’s Toxicity Rating?


This may be a lame WFMW post but I came across this site Skin Deep (thanks DH!) and was amazed (shocked, appalled) at the results of some of the ingredients and ratings of every day products we use such as lotions and shampoos.

I was very surprised to read that there are cancer-causing agents in my sunscreen and that often it causes skin damage! Now they do have a note that the benefits outweigh the risks and you should always wear sunscreen but wow! It really reinforces why I will try to keep my little ones covered as much as possible as an alternative to sunscreen!

For those who haven’t yet heard about them, check out UV Skinz clothing for the whole family. We also have a giveaway featuring them.

So when you have a minute today, head over to Skin Deep and see what your ratings are!



  1. Wow, that's frightening. I was recently reading about a family who doesn't do sunscreen. Says it's toxic. They just cover up and do get moderate sun. But we spend too much time at the pool in the middle of the day for that. I wonder if some are better than others? Guess I need to check out that site. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I saw this sunscreen guide before. I was going to try a new sunscreen this year, but after reading how ineefective it was, I went to something more effective.

  3. […] choices, including Badger Sunscreen which is one that we use on the littles because of it’s low toxicity rating. They do not carry our absolute favorite sunscreen which is Episencial Sunny Sunscreen which is […]

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