Fun at the Fair

Last Thursday dad came over for dinner. He and DH worked on a water softener by-pass and then we went to the local fair. The littles had worked so hard the day before on the yard with me when Dragonfly landscape delivered the soil. This was a little reward to us all for a job well done.

I went with $20 in my pocket. I thought they could each go on a ride, pick a duck and share a cotton candy. When we arrived, they had a special on where it was 1 ticket for $1 and all the rides took only ONE ticket. Hurray. We did quite a few rides and all went together on the big Ferris wheel. Even mommy got to pick a duck! We went a smidge over budget and spent $25 but we had a wonderful time and Chloe got to go on tons of rides!!

Chloe loved her cotton candy. She raced over with daddy to pick it out. John put it in his mouth, made a face and then tried to wipe it off his tongue.

John was technically too small for almost everything but he did get to ride a few things with me thanks to the nice fair man. Chloe went on many things and enjoyed them all. Her favorite was the dragon roller coaster. Papa went on with her and I’m not sure it was his favorite!


Last time we were at a fair was when Chloe was John’s age and he was a newborn (2 weeks). She had been too small too. We ended up taking her on the carousel half a dozen times!

Thanks Daddy, for taking us. Thanks Papa, for coming!

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  1. You must show Chloe’s stump & her awesome work in her little garden.
    She not only has a green thumb but she has itchy fingers to pick the fruits of her labors of love.
    Very eager, hard working little tots! Eager to help!
    I’m so glad they got to enjoy the simple pleasures of a fair. Memories made;-)

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