Air France, WHAT Are You Thinking?!?



Dear Air France,

I’d like to make a suggestion; use your head and don’t change the seat reservation for a three year old. She’s probably sitting in that seat for a reason; she’s with her parents.

I fly out on Friday May 21st; I am livid that my 3 year old daughter is not sitting with us though we booked our flights in August 2009 and our seats in January 2010. My husband then called again in February to confirm these seats.

We booked our seats at the front of the section because we have a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 year old with us AND my husband is 6’8” and needs the leg room. Once you confirm with someone (twice) that they have their seat, you shouldn’t then give them (or one of them!) away.

My husband called you today to confirm our seats (a third time!) and suddenly the seat that my three year old and 1 1/2 year old will be sharing is a couple rows behind us? HELLO!?!? We have four long international flights and they are going to be hard enough sitting all together but having my children sit on their own is just asking for trouble. On the other hand, I hope that they scream and carry on the entire flight (ALL FOUR FLIGHTS) so that every other passenger complains about the flight and has a headache by the time they arrive at their destinations. Perhaps that will make you reconsider before just randomly changing booked seats around. 

My husband was already on the phone with your call center for an hour today and the representative claimed she could do nothing for us and apparently there are no supervisors at Air France with which to speak.

If you are interested in resolving this problem BEFORE it affects your entire flight; feel free to contact me. I would sure love to resolve it…if there was someone I could actually talk to!

Your unhappy flier,


Jennifer VanderPloeg


Have you ever had an issue with an airline? Were you able to get it resolved? I’d love your advice since I’m not getting anywhere with Air France! Do you have a comment for Air France?


  1. Dealing with the airlines can be tough at times. You should get to the airport VERY early so you can resolve it there. They can not do that. Don’t worry, you will get it resolved. the only other thing to do is ask someone to move their seat.

    I am passing along an award to you!! This should put a smile on your face! Come visit Mama’s Little Chick for your award!

    Mama Hen

  2. I can’t believe they did that! I bet once you get on the plane the person in that seat that was Chloe’s will switch with you. It’s silly. I would KEEP complaining. Complain to everyone. Go to the airport really early on Friday and make a fuss until they fix it.

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