My House is a Disaster


My home is a disaster. I wish this post was a “before and after” which would mean it was a mess but now it is clean; alas, that is not the case. As I sit here eating a chocolate cupcake and blogging, I gaze around forlornly.

Sunday was a hard day; our pastor officially resigned. I know God has a plan for Pastor and for our church but the initial shock was tough.

Monday I had a Bunwich order, Tuesday we hosted a big, fun playdate then headed to Hamilton on errands and today was a cupcake day.

I’m in the throes of packing, or attempting to. We have four people and three weeks; the ONE suitcase fills up fast. Things like 3 tubes of sunscreen, insect repellant etc. start to add up. I’m taking cloth diapers {which take up a fraction of what disposables would} which add to the bulk as well. I know it will all come together but {sigh} it’s been busy.

I’m still concerned about the whole “Air France Fiasco” since nothing has been resolved but there isn’t anything else to do but see what happens when we arrive {early} at the airport.


My house is a disaster, but the real problem is that I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start. I would rather ignore it and have a nap. Except that I have a million things to do before we leave on Friday!!


  1. Sit and eat a quick lunch; skipping lunch will simply make me have less energy and make me grumpy. I know this from experience. I don’t want to take the time, I figure I’ll sit down when I am done but then I fade fast…
  2. Tackle one thing at a time. Some choose to do the hard task first, then the easy stuff. That is usually my routine for the day but in this case, results are an encouragement so I’m going to tackle the quick stuff first as well as assign (goal)times. As I accomplish, I’ll be more encouraged to keep going. 
    • Blocks in hallway (2 minutes)
    • Switch over laundry (3 minutes)
    • Toys into red toy bins (6 minutes)
    • Clear dining room table (2 minutes)
    • Pick up miscellaneous items (2 minutes)
    • {the above things will make my main floor look pretty much in order}
    • then tackle kitchen by loading dishwasher first then dealing with the rest of it (15 minutes)
  3. Set my timer and go! Since my little ones are sleeping, if I work speedy to beat the clock {a favorite game of mine!} I can have my disastrous main floor tidy in just 1/2 hour. A tidy home goes a long way to improving attitudes, outlooks and general disposition.

It’s funny, on paper, it looks like nothing. With this plan, I suddenly feel like it will take just a short time to put it all aright. I’m feeling so much better and I’m ready to go down and tackle it!

I also hope to get a good jump on packing, cut the grass, pick up a paint swatch form Home Hardware, dart into Reitman’s for a shirt and the shoe store to buy a new pair of sandals today. I may reconsider depending on how the next half hour goes.

{thanks for listening; I’m glad you’re there!} 🙂


Clean house, packing done…whew. We’re all set to go!


  1. I get overwhelmed when my house is a disaster. It can get that way very quickly. Make sure to get things done before your trip. I always like coming home to a clean home. As I said before, get to the airport at least an extra hour before to resolve this issue! Have safe trip!

    Mama Hen

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