Monday, Monday + Tartar Sauce Recipe

It’s 1:15pm. I have just put my littles down to bed. I breathe {a small sigh} and contemplate what to do next. A nap, a bath, bible time, tackle that kitchen then laundry then ironing?

I rolled out of bed tired. I was up a lot through the night. Last night I had spicy salsa on Melba Toast and as a result, drank a LOT of water. Good for my body I suppose but it didn’t make for a restful night.

This morning John toddled off during a diaper change and as I watched him go (does hurt to do a lap around the house naked once in a while LOL), I realized that he had something brown stuck to his bottom. {yep, exactly what you are thinking,  the brown mushy stuff! Aren’t you glad I didn’t take a picture?} I gasped and ran to grab him but too late, he stumbled and fell and left a disaster on our light colored carpet. {Praise the Lord for rug shampooers!}

John went into the bath and I thought I could quickly get the solids off the carpet but then John flooded the bathroom floor.

We got downstairs for breakfast and had barely finished when our friends arrived for our scheduled play date. We had a fun morning, but Chloe seemed to have some attitude problems. They headed home and I turned the TV on and had my littles SIT while I made lunch.

Lunch was supposed to be a lovely baked fish with oven-fries with home made tartar sauce  but I didn’t have any bread crumbs ready. No worries, I put the oven on broil and threw some bread in. Meanwhile my sister swung in to ask a favor. I got chatting with her and burnt my breadcrumbs. {sigh}. Lunch was still good and probably healthier since the baked fish had no coating except a sprinkle of VE Lemon Dilly. It was still incredibly moist. Yum!!

IMG_2446Home Made Tartar Sauce:

  • Mayo
  • Sweet Pickles (Gherkin Recipe)
  • Capers (main flavor in tartar sauce)
  • Lemon Juice (can be bottled)

It really is a mix to taste kind of thing. I use about 1/2 cup of mayo (I use light because it means the sauce is 1TBSP/1 WW point), 1 or 2 pickles finely chopped, a tbsp of capers finely chopped and a squeeze of lemon juice. How easy is that and it is tasty!

After lunch, I sent Chloe up to go potty in her bathroom and put on her sleeping pants (a.k.a. cloth trainer for just in case). She obeyed then hopped into bed…..with the box of “pretend marshmallows” she found in daddy’s office.


After cleaning everything up, I sat down and found In the name of the Father, the Son and a Big Sister  in my reader. It was just the giggle I needed and now that I have shared with you my crazy day, I’m feeling much better! Thank you my reading friends. I’m heading for a bath (yes, in the middle of the day!!) and to read my bible. Then I am going to eat some chocolate Easter eggs and clean up from lunch!


  1. I did not realize tartar sauce was that easy to make.

    Sounds like you really needed that bath in the middle of the day 🙂

  2. […] with oil in the pan on medium heat, about 4 minutes or until it is while and flaky. I whipped up a quick home made tartar sauce, toasted my bread and assembled my sandwich. Bread, tartar sauce, fish, cheese, lettuce. […]

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