Tots and Scissors: Practicing a Straight Line

Sometimes we eat at the dining room table but on “lazy nights” we eat at the island with John in his high chair. One of Chloe’s responsibilities is setting the table. Sometimes John helps (he’s not quite so gentle yet). My mom laugh but they do a good job!


Last week was a good week. The biggest thing for me is that I truly (for a whole week, each day!) had my priorities in order. I think consistency in that area (priorities being a priority) is something all of us struggle with.

Because my priorities were in order, everything else just fell into place beautifully {don’t cha love it when that happens?}.

Each day we were able to spend time reading together (in addition to “library time” in the evenings), we did school every day (for fun because she likes it, she is only 3!) and our focus during that time was using scissors properly.

Cutting a Straight Line

Chloe loves to do many things but one of her favorite things to do is cut {not sure why!}. But you know using scissors is harder than it looks, especially for tots! Chloe was thrilled to get her own pair of toddler pink scissors. We practiced how to hold them and open and close them. Now we’re learning to cut in a straight line. She has a little workbook but in order to get more practice, I drew lines all around the edge of construction paper and had her cut along the lines to make a “fringe”. By the 4th placemat, she was really starting to get the hang of it. {Though she was getting tired so if you have a tot and more than 4 people in your home you may want to help your tot make some! LOL}. After she was done cutting, then she decorated them with markers and Easter Seals stickers that came in the mail. Was she ever proud when we used her “fringed placemats” for dinner!


{Unfortunately, they are paper and got dirty. I have to recycle them and am hoping she doesn’t wonder where they are for future meals! LOL)

What kinds of activities did/do you do to teach scissor skills?


  1. I hope you keep a close eye on the scissors when not supervised. My then-three-year-old niece “practised” on her parents’ couch fabric. It had just been recovered at great expense so you can imagine the reaction…

    As a child we used to love making special placemats and especially menus for each meal. My mom never kept them; she explained that half the fun was making new ones for special meals. Looks like Chloe had a lot of fun!

  2. Chloe did such a great job — those are some top notch placemats! The fringe is the perfect touch 😉 Now, just WAIT until she realizes that she can make confetti instead of placemats — LOL!

    Michelle @ 5MFSN

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