Made-Up Mommy

In my makeover we didn’t try the mascara but I will tomorrow. I’m unsure about what do with my hair. I’m growing it and like it straight but hate straightening it each day. I’m dying to cut it into flippy layers but then I know I’ll be sad. Not sure about those lines under my eyes…are they always there when I smile? Eek Well, I FELT pretty anyway! LOL

I walked into the store. I had a mission. I went straight to the aisle I hadn’t visited in so long and immediately felt overwhelmed. I had walked in brave but in the face of such an extensive collection of colors and selections, suddenly, I felt very clueless and intimidated.

What on earth am I talking about? Makeup!

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart on Sunday with one purpose; to buy some new makeup. The stuff I have is pretty old and not exciting at all. A compact of pressed powder (not even sure it is really my shade) and a black eyeliner and mascara duo. I wanted to try something NEW; especially in light of my upcoming trip and the fact that I was using points to pay for the purchase! After pacing the aisles, I went back to the counter to ask for help. Alas, no one was there. I panicked! I wandered back down the aisles. Oh, pretty eye glitter. I tried a nice pink shade on my left eye-lid. I like pink but it didn’t look quite right. I bet the bronzy stuff is more my style. I tried it on my other eye. Hmmm…I gravitated towards the Maybelline Pressed Powder and a tube of mascara; my standard fare and comfort zone. Then I mentally shouted to myself, “Be brave, be daring…”

Then I saw the cosmetician back at the counter. I could just see the back. Pretty blonde hair. Suddenly I found myself weighing the options:

  1. stay in my comfort zone and buy pressed powder, mascara and leave
  2. brave the intimidating selection on my own to find something new
  3. brave the intimidating cosmetician, hoping she wouldn’t look at me with a pitying look at my ignorance

Since I could only see her back, {hoping I was not obvious} I carefully sneaked around the display so I could get a glimpse of her face. I was hoping for a friendly look, not too old, not too young, with subtle makeup of her own. Secretly I was afraid she would be a young thing, with bold and exciting makeup who would smile at me with a pitying smile when she realized how clueless I was and then try “make me up” in something that wasn’t me.

My fears were unfounded as the beautiful and happy blonde named Marlee smiled at me {probably wondering what on earth I was doing} as I peered out from around the back of the counter. {Ok, I felt a little ridiculous at this point!}. I explained to her that my makeup collection {if you could call it that} predated my marriage and that I was looking for something natural, a little different and that accented my natural beauty {yes, I do have some of that LOL}. It was as easy as that. She simply looked at my face, told me I had nice skin {thanks!} and started picking things she thought would suit. I hopped up on the chair and next thing you know, over an hour had passed!

I had a lot of fun and headed home all made up and feeling beautiful. I ended up with some great products that I feel really like I know how to use them.

The best part? I was able to use my Shoppers Optimum points. Thanks, Marlee, for the tips, the fun afternoon and for not making me feel silly about my lack of make-up knowledge!

What did I learn? When in doubt; ask! (and be brave!)

So, do you wear makeup? When was the last time you shopped for some? What’s your favorite product. I’d love to hear.


  1. Okay that is weird because I recently went makeup shopping myself. I bought some new foundation and eye makeup. I finally branched out of my normal brown eye liner and tried something new…and it was fun! Now to try new lipsticks…

    I wear make up about 3-4 days per week at most and usually less than that so I definitely feel dressed up wearing it 🙂 I have trouble finding foundation because my skin is so fair and also oily.

    You have beautiful skin! Great post!

  2. I wear makeup every day. Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer (because I am super pale) and mascara. Lately I have been forgetting about the mascara, but I wear glasses so I don’t think anyone would notice either way. At Christmas I worked from home for 2 weeks and didn’t wear any makeup. I had the longest, thickest eye lashes after those 2 weeks! But they went back to their sad normal state when I started wearing mascara again.

    You look beautiful!

  3. Oh man. I have put it off long enough. Got to get some makeup – but like you I haven’t actually purchased any in so long! I guess I will have to branch out and try something other than the brown eyeliner :). Thanks for giving me the nudge to approach ‘the counter’!

  4. Good for you! I haven’t worn make-up in sooo long! I got some last month to try for a company, but I don’t even have the tools to apply the make-up. I was hoping my oldest daughter would do it w/ her BFF over Spring Break, but that didn’t happen. So, it’s up to me to apply it. I have no idea what to do. I also have to go buy make-up tools.

    You are so brave to take photos of yourself. I am so amazingly NOT photogenic. I keep thinking I’m going to have a photogenic moment, like when I am doing a review for glasses. But, alas the moment never comes. LOL

    You look great and very natural. I think everyone at my work or church would fall over if they saw me in anything but chapstick!


  5. Good for YOU!! I have such fun with make up! Have you considered Mary Kay at all? If you can find a consultant near you, then you can try out new things to your hearts content and they are VERY knowledgable about their products as well. No, I’ve never sold the stuff, but have always come back over the years even when trying new things.

  6. I almost never wear make up…maybe once a year or so if we go to a fancy party, which we don’t do very often. I would say I don’t have time for it, but I didn’t even wear it when I did have time for it. Still I could relate to your hesitancy to approach the sales person. I’m always torn between trying to find something on my own or asking for help…especially when my hubby sends me to the hardware store.

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