All About Me from A – Z

Alphabet Blocks by Leo Reynolds.

Age: Jenn 31, DH 38

Bed Size: KING…DH is 6’8” so room is good!

Chore you hate: Jenn: Dusting – it’s not that I hate it but rather never get to it. I’m also not crazy about weeding. DH: Washing the floor {with an exasperated sigh}

Dog’s name: No dogs for us. Allergies. We have fish. Just one. He’s blue in a little blue tank with blue rocks and he’s very hard to see. His name is Nemo and I keep waiting for him to be belly up in the tank since I am terrible at remembering to feed it.

Essential "Start the Day" item: Jenn: Shower, DH: “What?!? I don’t have an essential start-the-day-item {in an incredulous yell}. I just go to work. Some days I go to Mc Donald’s but not every day. What is this? {still yelling}. OK, I shower…how about that?”

Favorite color: Jenn: Pink! DH: Orange

Gold or Silver: Jenn: White Gold, DH: Platinum

Height: Jenn: 5’5”, DH: 6’8”

Instruments you play: Jenn: Piano {badly} and some Clarinet in high school {badly}, DH: None

Job Title: Jenn: Domestic Engineer (a.k.a. stay-at-home mommy), DH: I.T. Manager

Kids: Chloe (2007), John (2008) and maybe {please DH?} another one soon?

Living Arrangements: Jenn: Happily {most days} married for almost 5 years and living in our first house. DH: Married with children…is poor an arrangement? {what?!?}

Married: Sorrento, Italy 2005 (both of us – to each other)

Nickname: Jenn: Just Jenn (though as a child I was Jenner or Poopsie to a select few), DH: None and he would like me to mention he is answering these questions under duress.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Jenn: eating poisonous flowers on a nature walk (about 9 yrs), minor surgery (16 yrs), overnight in emerg the day after John was born for unexplained fever (annoying after having a home birth to end up there for a fever that came and went with no reason!) DH: Tonsils

Pet peeves: Jenn: hmmm, I’m sure I have many but am drawing a blank here. I’ll come back to this one.  DH- Answering surveys! People who say “like” (eek, I do that LOL)

Quote from a movie: Jenn: I’ll never go hungry again – Scarlett O’Hara DH: Life is but a dunghill, Betty and I am but a cock that climbs upon it to crow – Rob Roy

Righty of Lefty: Both Righties

Siblings: Jenn-1 brother (Australia) and 1 sister (ON, Canada) DH- none

Time you wake up: Jenn: shortly after Chloe wakes up (too early)DH- 6:00 am

Unique Trait: Jenn: I am optimistic to a fault and will buy almost anything for $0.25 or $5.00 {those are my magic numbers!} DH: Lays claim to “most growly bearish person you know”. {Why would you say that?!?! Though it is kind of true LOL}

Veggie you dislike: Jenn: I used to think I loved all veggies and then we joined an organic CSA. After weeks and weeks of green leafy things like kale and swiss chard, I determined that I am not generally a fan of green leafy veggies. Oh, and I don’t like tomatoes except in sauces or ketchup. DH: Eggplant

What makes you late: Jenn: Everything once I had littles. Spit-up, diaper explosions, a messy breakfast (John rubbing PB in his hair!), disorganization, an empty gas tank, a phone call…. DH: My Wife {bad man!}

X-Rays you have had:Jenn: Teeth, DH: Teeth, Foot (When his apartment stairs collapsed!)

Yummy food you make: Jenn: Spaghetti and Meatballs, cupcakes, brownies, umm…more baking things than meals for sure! I love to bake mostly because I love to eat baking! LOL DH: Spaghetti Carbonara (which he just happened to post on today!)

Zoo animals you like: Jenn: All of them…but mostly African. Elephants, Hippos, Lions, Giraffe, Zebras and I really like the red panda which doesn’t look anything like a panda in my opinion.  I really enjoy the zoo!DH: Hippo, Rhino

These were taken by DH on his visit to South Africa in 2001. Beautiful aren’t they? The closest I’ve been was African Lion Safari in 2009 🙂

  • This was borrowed from Rachel of Rachel & John. It looked kind of fun!


  1. Loved it! I hope Scott lets you have another baby! Not only are your babies cute, they are also kind and you’re a great mom. Anyone can see that!

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