Fleeting Moments vs To-Do Lists

I had a to-do list as long as my arm. I was cutting the grass while the littles played. It was hot. Then I turned on the sprinkler to water the grass and told the girls it was time to come in for lunch. Chloe longingly looked at the sprinkler as she headed in. I was tired and hot and didn’t want to fuss with changing 3 littles into their swimsuits.

…then I threw thoughts of to-do lists and swimsuits out the window. I filled up the (empty)sandbox with water, and we played in the sprinkler. John filled his water with mud…and I laughed with him.
We had cheese sandwiches and peaches while sitting on a soaking wet lawn in our wet clothing. That day was one of the highlights of my summer!

I was searching pictures for a silly photo contest and came across these photos from that day. I remember that I had a long to do list but I can’t remember what was on it. But as I look at these pictures, a smile comes across my face for I will never forget the looks on their faces when mommy jumped in too!

And years from now, when my littles are grown up, I’ll still have to do lists, but I won’t have these moments. Let’s make sure we make the most of these moments while we have them!
IMG_3225 IMG_3226 IMG_3227 IMG_3228 IMG_3232 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3223 IMG_3224IMG_3233


  1. Just stopping by to see what your kiddos have been up to lately and I’m so glad I did! Looks like marvelous muddy fun! 😀

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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