Choosing a Silly Picture: Which One?

 5 Minutes for Mom has partnered with Hasbro to bring you the Silly Kids Photo Contest.

I scrolled through my pictures this year and pulled out a couple. Since you can only enter one….which one would you choose? Leave a comment in this post and it will count for an extra entry into the next giveaway (tomorrow).

Picture #1 (below)


Picture #2 (below) 


Picture #3 (below)


Picture #4 Below


Picture #5 Below


Picture #6 (below)


One minute they were super heros and the next minute they were using their tea-towel capes as veils and they were getting married.

Picture #7 (below)


Speaking of Mary. We read about Mary in morning bible reading. In the afternoon she came out of her room with John’s receiving blanket on her head (it happened to match her dress!) and told me she was Mary. Hmmm…upgraded the donkey to a Tonka huh?

Picture #8 (below)


Sometimes I wonder what on earth they are doing. LOL. They must have jumped in this tub for 10 minutes giggling!

Picture #9 (below)


This is one of my favorite pictures. I’ve shared it before. I can never look at it without laughing. I was washing dishes and looked out the window to see her wearing a bucket on her head. She was walking around banging into things. I watched her for several minutes before grabbing my camera. Should I be concerned about this kind of behavior? LOL


  1. Thanks for visiting teaching kids about money. I think I definitely have to vote for the last picture, too. I just had to laugh.
    Also, I was reading through some of your old posts and wanted to comment, but got distracted, etc, but one thought stuck with me all afternoon, and that was your post about being in the season of certain things. It really helped me keep a better perspective of what kinds of things I should be saying yes or no to.
    I didn't have the energy to look that post up again, so I thought I would just mention it here.
    Thanks again

  2. That is tough…they're all so darn cute. It's between 6 and 2 for me. I think I'm leaning toward 6 you just know there's a story behind that picture.

  3. and 6 are my votes, but I know you need just one! So hard to choose! I'm leaning towards 1. 🙂

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