Oh, No! First Snow (and other firsts)

What do you think of this new photo feature (above) that I’ve been experimenting with this winter week? (I have winter on the brain…duh!) I think it looks sort of neat and at any time you can click on the “view album” to see the photos in full size view.

Thursday was the first day of snow. Actually, it was such a sad little snow that it didn’t even show up on the photos. Anyway, Chloe was beside herself with excitement to get outside. Out came her new boots, winter coat and mitties….oh what fun!

We had walked a couple driveways she looked up at me with her little red nose and exclaimed, “Mommy, I so freezing!” Jaiden piped up too. We finished our walk (2 blocks there, two back) to the mailbox and came in for some yummy hot chocolate. (and no, sadly, there wasn’t anything great in the mail).

Our church sends gifts to an orphanage in the Philippines each year around this time. We purchased gifts for a little boy and a little girl this year. Chloe helped pick them out. We talked about how some children do not have mommies and daddies. We wrapped the first presents of the season. Chloe made cards and helped put the tape on the packages. She told me, “everybody will be so happy, Mommy”. She’s so happy to give 🙂

The first cold of the season arrived at our place yesterday. Poor John-John is having a rough time. I’ve stocked up on lots of tissues!

IMG_0209  IMG_0222

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