Rock-a-Bye Baby!


Photo by Matt

My sweet little John-John has been having a rough week. The other night he ate something that upset his stomach and had all sorts of pains through the night and on top of that, he’s got two top eye teeth coming through. Tonight, after putting him into bed, and listening to him cry for what seemed like forever, I went in and rocked him. He didn’t need or want to be nursed, he just wanted to be rocked. I rubbed his fuzzy PJ-clad bottom and he stroked my face. Then he snuck his arm up around my neck all the while gazing up at me in the dark, sleepily. I’ve never rocked him to sleep before; I’ve never had to. What a special moment tonight was.

Tomorrow Scott and I are off to Niagara Falls for an overnight getaway. We are going to the same place we went to in May and got in on another amazing deal. My mother-in-law is visiting and we have an in-law suite in our house where my grandmother-in-law lives. Between the two of them, the littles are bound to have a blast! I’m a little concerned about leaving John-John since he’s so sensitive right now but I am sure he’ll be well-loved in my absence. I seldom feel the need to have “me-time” but certainly welcome the opportunity to have some “us-time” with just Scott and I. I’m so thankful for him!

I’ll see you on Tuesday!

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