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Posted by Jennifer on September 21, 2009 – 5:04 am
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I am away spending some time with the most wonderful man I know 🙂 but wanted to share a few links that have caught my eye in the past little bit. Speaking of “caught my eye”, I was having a conversation with Chloe’s grandmother tonight and mentioned that a yard sale item had caught my eye but it was overpriced. Chloe was immediately concerned, wondering if it hurt when I caught my eye. LOL.

Happy Monday!

The Other Women of Proverbs Part 2 at Handfuls of Purpose

Choosing Your Lifestyle at Amy’s Finer Things
Being Content with Our Homes at Simple Nest

The Delicate Balance of Parenting and Housework at Simple Mom

Escaping Materialism at A Simple Marriage

Loves Reward At the Well

No Because I Said So at Mommy’s Idea Book

Cheap Friends: Worth More than Gold! at Teaching Kids about Money
Say it Out Loud by Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers
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  1. 1. Life is Good Said:

    Thanks for the mention in your post. Its nice to hear when there are actual readers out there. especially when there are so many things out there to read. I have enjoyed your blog, and come by frequently.
    Staci @teaching money to kids

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