Life Happens (or No Spring Cleaning Here)

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Spring Cleaning? Not Me! A picture is worth 1000 words right? Well, I started out with the best of intentions. The Spring Cleaning Party started on May 4th and I was joining in! We started out with my Sweet John-John getting into some cornstarch. Chloe was nowhere to be found but somehow I think she played a part in this too! LOL.

Then, I had a cupcake order for 150…and then a Bunwich order for 11 and then another one a couple days later for 17. While I am so thankful for the additional income this brings in, it certainly keeps me busy. It keeps my husband busy too since he makes most of the meat for Yummy Bunwiches!


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After a crazy week and feeling a little dis-heartened at my lack of spring cleaning, we were able to get in on an awesome deal and Scott and I went away for the night. Chloe has had several sleepovers at her Nanny Granny’s and GrrGrampa’s house but this was John-John’s first time. He did well, though I think that my poor parents needed a nap after we picked them up. LOL. They are busy little people!

Our night away was an amazing time! We stayed at the Hilton in Niagara Falls. We had a beautiful Jacuzzi suite, ate dinner at the restaurant on the 33rd floor with glass walls overlooking the falls, went swimming and raced down the waterslide (for the record, I am much faster than Scott!) and had a gourmet breakfast buffet up on the 33rd floor again! A combination of anniversary/Mother’s Day/just because it was an amazing deal; it was so nice to just spend some undistracted time with my husband.

So with all of that…I haven’t started Spring Cleaning but refreshed, invigorated and organized, I am all set to go tomorrow morning! So watch out dust-bunnies…here I come!

Does life happen to any of you? I’d love to hear about it! You can also see what other people did NOT do here.


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of cupcakes. Making money and celebrating Mothers Day are perfectly valid reasons to delay Spring Cleaning to me.

  2. I’m right there with you. This seems to be the everyday norm around my house.

  3. […] sweeter when you have your focus right, you have a goal and a plan to make it happen. Certainly life happens (a lot in our home lol) and we need to be flexible but in order to redeem our time, we must plan! […]

  4. Child looks much mischievous, its good you spend good time in Niagara Falls with your family. I also visited there once.

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