Simple Pleasures: Swinging in the Rain

Swinging 006

My daughter is two and loves to swing. We do not have a swing set. We debated on buying one but they are so expensive that we decided that she would just have to enjoy the swing at her grandparents or the park.

I am so thankful for my father; his willingness, helpfulness, resourcefulness and his love for me and my family!

He had some scrap wood which he spent his time sanding, staining and assembling. He hauled it over to my house and while we were away this weekend, he and mom assembled it. He did a beautiful job on it. It is perfect; it has two spots for regular swings and then a spot for John’s baby swing. Had I went to the store to buy one, I couldn’t have found one that would please me more!

Since Saturday, we’ve had a lot of rain. Even though it is drippy out, all Chloe wants to do is go outside and swing. She is positively delighted with her new swing!

I am thankful for the sweet simple-ness that is a part of childhood and I strive to regain some of that myself.

Thank you Lord, for loving fathers and the sweet simple pleasures in life!



  1. dads are the best are they not I truly miss mine and the way he would do things for my kids

  2. […] envisioned but it is functional and didn’t cost anything. It’s just a rope between the swing set (thanks again, Dad!) and the fence. Isn’t it doing a great job? […]

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