Arts & Crafts: Pencil Holder

Pen jar 001

Chloe made a Pen/Pencil holder for Mother’s Day for Oma and Nana. We used jars that pickles or beets had come in. I was going to use construction paper however since I had received some Easter Daisies that had died, I took the wrapping off the bottom of their pot and we used it to wrap around the base. We glued stickers and construction paper hearts on as well as a ribbon around the middle. I saved all the tissue paper, ribbons etc. from my wedding shower and baby showers so we have plenty of supplies from there!

She was so proud of her creation!

Pen jar 002

Chloe LOVES craft time. Because she is only 2, we do have to keep it fairly simple but if you have any easy craft ideas, I’d love to hear them. Leave comments and links, Chloe would sure appreciate it!!!



  1. Oh, and she did such a lovely job, too! Absolutely beautiful work, Chloe!

    Great to see you at MMM this week — hope to see more from your little artist in the future — she’s a cutie! 😉

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

  2. She looks so happy with her creation. And I am sure that the grandparents were just as happy! Looks great!

  3. So simple! So fun! She looks darling in her pink jammies, too. Sweet.

  4. How cute! She looks so happy!! 🙂

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  5. So cute! I remember my little sister making one as a gift for me when we were kids. I think I still have it somewhere…..

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