Celebrate Change


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I’ve mentioned already this week that the theme at the Ladies’ Retreat was “Celebrate Change”.

Change can be bad, scary, fun, good, easy, hard or any combination of these or others. There are a million things in life that cause changes. I myself am not always big on change. There is such comfort in sameness that sometimes I resent change.

I’ve given quite a bit of thought lately and there are a lot of changes that I need or want to make. Some personal and some right here at Beautiful Calling. I wanted to share with you a few things that are coming up:

Physical Changes: Beautiful Calling is in for a beautiful new look! April Showers will be working on Beautiful Calling in the next month or so.

Preparation: Thus far in my short blogging life, I have written posts off the cuff, day by day. In learning more about how to schedule and plan, it is my intention to prepare posts ahead of time, with more thought, preparation, prayer and planning. With the Lord guiding more of my words, I pray that most posts will be less rambling…though there are times when rambling works…and rambling is definitely a Jenn-trait!

Purpose: My posting will be taking a slight change of direction. The main purpose of my blog hasn’t changed; that is to bring glory to God. But in content, I aim to share more of what I know. That isn’t too much (LOL) but I’ve learned a few things. Stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing of my personal life will be hard at times but the Lord has been laying some things on my heart to share.

  • Next Friday will be the first post in Death Before Birth: A Miscarriage Series. It will be covering Miscarriage Basics, my personal story about Losing Isaiah, The Grief Process, Survival, and Helping Others. I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences in this delicate series in hopes that it may help someone out there struggling like I was.
  • Set for a Sizzling Summer Series. What is this? It’s another new series that I know you are going to love; filled with super tips for packing your beach bag, sun safety, summer fun ideas, summer product reviews and of course, GIVEAWAYS! I know you will appreciate the practicality of this series, along with some great product reviews to help make your summer a super one! Watch for it starting next week!
  • Tune-Up Tuesdays will be appearing on Thursdays very shortly. As we learn and grow, we evaluate and adjust accordingly. I started Tune-Up Tuesdays right at the beginning of my blogging adventure. Since then, I have discovered Gratituesday (thanks Brianna!). Counting our blessings is a sure-fire way to keep the right focus, ensure right priorities and keep us thankful and humble. It is something that I want to participate in. So I am moving Tune-Up Tuesday to Thursdays so that I can.
  • Tune Up Tuesday will also have a new logo which incorporates a heart to better exemplify it’s purpose. It isn’t about tuning-up tasks (though you can) but rather about tuning up our hearts. Focusing on one small attitude, action or area of thought each week. The Ladies’ retreat this weekend provided a great reminder of all the changes that I still need to make and it is so easy to get overwhelmed. TUT is my own little way of focusing on one small area at a time with one small step at a time in order to make a permanent change with the goal of being confirmed to His image. I hope that when TUT returns, you will join in!


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