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I have discovered a secret!

Most companies are interested in ensuring customer satisfaction even after the sale is complete! If you have products that are broken, or need parts, try contacting them! Often they will repair or replace for little or no cost! It is a Finer Thing when companies still stand behind their products!

I purchased a wonderful bible organizer and cover in pink a couple years ago. I love this set. On Sundays it houses my wallet, tissues, notebook, bible and anything else I need it too. And it’s pink! I love pink! Anyway, the other day one of the handles broke on it. I was crest-fallen. I emailed Zondervan and they responded shortly after. They confirmed the type of case it was and mailed me out a new one no charge. I had it within a week! I was over the moon about it. Zondervan is a company that really stands behind it’s products! My likelihood of purchasing their products in the future just increased  because my opinion of their company just dramatically rose!

book case

I have a Graco car seat and it had a tear in it under the edge at the top. I actually think that many of them tear due to the design and the sharp edge at the top. Anyway, I contacted Graco and explained the situation and they replaced it for me.

Chloe received TJ Bear for her 1st birthday from her grandparents. He’s a bear that “reads” to you and Chloe loves him. He stopped working just before her second birthday. I contacted Hasbro but unfortunately they don’t make him anymore however they were kind enough to send me out a free item of equivalent value. (And my dad was able to fix TJ bear anyway. No, I am not going to tell you what was wrong with it because then you would all wonder why I wasn’t smart enough to try changing the batteries. LOL)


I have several other letter writing success stories and my sister also has many success stories that she could share about the great customer service that some companies provide. Before you give up on something, contact the company!

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  1. We’ve used Pampers diapers with both of our kids because they have always been the best quality. However, a little while back we started having problems with the side tabs breaking off. I ended up having to throw away about half of a box because of it. I decided I was fed up and would be changing diaper brands.

    Well, my husband contacted Pampers and they sent us three $10 coupons. I thought maybe I should try them one more time since I could get them for half price. Out of the last two boxes I’ve bought only about two diapers had the tabs pull off. My confidence has been renewed in Pampers.

  2. So smart! It never hurts to ask, and you’re right… companies want our loyalty!

  3. I had issues with Huggies diapers. My kid’s legs are too skinny and for the legs holes in their diapers. I ended up with way too many leaks. (Yes my kids were wearing the right size). So I emailed them and they sent me coupons for 3 free super packs of any Huggies diaper of my choosing. I ended up giving them away to a friend as I didn’t want to test out their diapers on any more of my children’s clothes or my furniture. However that was a great PR move in my opinion.

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