Could You Use A Chore Chart for Toddlers?

chore chart print screen

Chloe is two and this is her chore chart. This picture below is Chloe’s first attempt at setting the table. Pretty good if you ask me!


Chore Chart Tips:

  • Receive Chart via email by contacting me
  • Print it after changing the name (unless your daughter’s name is Chloe) and editing the chores to suit your family
  • Laminate it (some office stores charge a small fee for this) or you can use a page protector sheet from the dollar store
  • Put it on the fridge, high enough up that it requires help from mommy or daddy to fill it in
  • Use small magnets (Ebay, Dollar Store), dry erase markers or a combination of both
  • Head over to Simple Mom and Org Junkie for ideas on how to incorporate your little ones into daily activities and figuring out what they are capable of.

I made Chloe’s chart in MS Excel (it can also be opened with Open Office (a free program) so if you would like me to email you a chart for your own use, please contact me at beautifulcalling (at) gmail (dot) com.

Do you have a site you like for information on toddlers, chores and keeping house? Please leave the link in the comments. It would be much appreciated!

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Thank you to a number of sources for their clipart 

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  1. I use Managers of Their Chores. If you buy the book, you can print free chore cards for your non-reading children. They have all sorts of images, from setting the table, prayer, brushing teeth, feeding the goats, laundry, etc. I love these! You can get the book at:

    Also, there are some sample chore charts on their wesbite that you can see to help you know what chores can be done by children of each age. many of these (plus more in the book) really opened my eyes to all that my children are capable of doing.

  2. Hi Jenn!
    I’d love for you to email me a copy of this chore chart!

  3. Jenn,

    This seems to be a popular topic on blogs right now. Our son (just a month older than your daughter, I see) does quite a few of the things on your chart, though it never occurred to me to make one for him at this age. Do you have your daughter check things off herself, and how does it work if she completes a week of chores (or doesn’t as the case may be)?

  4. Hi, Jenn. I've just come across your blog and am looking forward to following it! I've been wanting to make a chore chart for my daughter; could you please e-mail me a copy of yours? Thanks!

    sarah_e04 at yahoo dot com

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