WordPress, Here I Am!

Good morning to all! I am here. It probably doesn’t look any different to you but Beautiful Calling is now on WordPress rather than Blogger. Katie of Flibby Pie was awesome to work with, was able to make exactly what I had work in WordPress and happily worked out all the other little changes that I requested. And when I accidently somehow made it all disappear, she was a genius and fixed it again. I am doing a little {happy dance} this morning.

If you are looking for a whole new look, a transition or just a little something like a new header or a button, Katie is your girl!!



I still have to organize a little bit and tweak my categories etc. and also get the pages (Media, Store, About Me) back up but I have a day to start with my littles so it wll have to wait…

While waiting for this transition, my posting has been sort of quiet. It will probably still be quiet for the next few days since we have a Missions Conference at our church this week. We have Dr. Sisk speaking and last night after the message, I was in tears. He is an amazing speaker and I felt the Lord speaking to me through him last night! I am very excited about tonight too. You can check out the Bethel Baptist Church Live Stream Audio at 7:00pm tonight if you want to be a part of it where you are. I don’t know if last night’s audio is up yet but when is, I encourage you to listen to it. I will share the highlights in the next week for sure.

This marks the end of my first post in WordPress. Let’s post it and see how it goes!