Little Helpers, Big Rewards!

One of my favorite things about the girls is their helpfulness. It’s not just that they are willing, but that they are enthusiastic! They are excited to help, they want to be a part of things.
At this age, they are so teachable and willing to learn!

I am working on creating a chore chart that works for them. I found some great help here: 20 Tips for Finding Your Routine With Kids and she also has a post about Preschool Chore Charts.

Thankfully I have two dust busters. (A long story and another example of why making decisions based on cost alone is not a good idea!) Anyway, when I say it is time to vacuum…they get so excited and immediately go to get their own vacuums. Washing the floor, dusting, sweeping, you name it and they want to be a part of it. The moment that I don my apron in the morning, they are looking for theirs too, knowing that an adventure is sure to come!

If you have little ones, I encourage you to let them help. Yes, it takes longer now but there are so many rewards to be had. Time invested in your children is never wasted.

What are they learning from you?

  • The basic how-to’s of a task
  • That they are loved and worth your time
  • That they are a vital and contributing part of your home
  • A good work ethic
  • Teamwork
  • That there is beauty and importance in keeping a home
  • And so much more I am sure!

What can you learn from them?

  • Not just to be willing, but to be enthusiastic
  • That joy can be found in any task, it all depends on attitude
  • Patience!
  • To let go of perfectionism

Washing the floor!

Setting the table – not too bad for our first attempt!

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  1. I love the chore charts you get a staples, they have sections you fill in your self because each child depending on age will have different chores,, our 3yr olds everyday chore is to push in the chairs after every meal where as our six year olds have to empty the dishwasher everyday. It also has spots to add toothbrushing and haircoming because if you knew my Cole youd know he needs help fucusing!!Sandy

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