An Egg-cellent Morning

We had an Egg-cellent morning!
(Yes, that pun was intended to crack you up. HA HA!)

A Big thanks for all the egg suggestions yesterday. My friend brought over an egg coloring kit this morning. We tried to use crayons but the girls are too little and not quite gentle enough. We lost 4 eggs today. Not a bad loss considering we made out with 20 good eggs right? We simply made solid color eggs and later we’re going to put some stickers on them. The girls LOVED it. This also have us a great opportunity to work on our colors. Chloe thought everything should be pink. I heartily agree. The world would be a happier place if more things were pink!

We had no spills or incidences and I thought I was home free. The eggs were back in their cartons and I had just put the dye cups on the counter when I heard a splash and “Ooosies Mommy!” Chloe had dumped the bowl of water from the eggs on her head. What would possess her to think that it would be a good idea? Who knows. I’m just thankful it was water and an easy mess to take care of!

With that, we had lunch and everyone went down for a sleep after a busy morning.

We’ve also been talking about what Easter really is. We’re working on learning “Jesus is Risen” based on Mark 16:6. Eggs are fun, chocolate is even better (yum!) but praise the Lord, Easter is so much more than that!

How are you balancing the extra fun of Easter with teaching the Truth as well? This mommy always welcomes new ideas!!

PS. Yes, Chloe is still in her pj’s in these pictures. She has taken a liking to them. I asked her this morning if she wanted to wear a dress or pants and she said “Nemo jammies peas”. Sure, why not?!?


  1. These are the cutest house helping egg decorating chickies ever.

    You made me smile today when I opened your comment. I really cannot encourage a mom enough to take this time with your kids. It really does go by very fast.
    I promise you……the rewards are way more than anything you can dream.
    I wish you the best. Financially….I do understand how families are struggling. But honestly, we didn’t miss out on anything because of the one income. God really does provide.
    Consider me a friend praying for you to be able to do just what God wants for you and your family.

  2. I remember the fun of dying and decorating Easter eggs, as a child.
    For our son, we moved to the plastic eggs.
    I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog during the Ultimate Blogging Party.
    Sorry it took me so long to head over to yours.
    Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and yours.

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