Easter Egg Help Needed!


Tomorrow I want to make Easter eggs with the girls. They are 2 and a little clumsy at times. We need simple, easy ideas! What works for you? This is the first year that we are doing eggs so all of you Easter Egg veterans – I’d appreciate your advice!

If you have a Works for Me Wednesday link about Easter eggs – please leave it in the comments and I will visit later today. Thanks!!


  1. I don’t have a link, but have beencoloring Easter eggs for lots of years with my boys. My tips, lots of towels, and patience. We use coffee cups and spoons. And the store bought Paas coloring kit. And we don’t get too fancy, just a white crayon to make a design on some and solid colors, I think they are the prettiest anyway.
    Have fun!

  2. Use crayons to draw on the eggs. The dye won’t penetrate the wax. Or use stickers from the dollar store to decorate the eggs. Use tongs instead of spoons to take the eggs out of the coffee cups.Give every child one egg to put in dye and one egg to color with crayons. Two eggs is plenty to handle at one time.be sure to put an old sheet over your carpet and put the kids in OLD clothes! There WILL be a mess, but your kids will love it. How do I know? Well, my baby is now 25…

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  3. We use the PAAS cups that have the color tablet in them. They work the best.

    First, cover your whole table with newspaper. Put old shirts on the kids and get out a couple rolls of paper towels.

    I also recommend hard boiling the eggs right before you are going to color them. If they get refrigerated first, sometimes they sweat and don’t hold the dye as well.

    Have fun!

  4. I forgot about crayons on the eggs. Thanks for asking the question and I hope you have fun coloring eggs with your girls!

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