Tune-Up Tuesday: Second Chances

A google search of the word ‘Tune-Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search for the definition of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification
More on Tune-Up Tuesday here.
I had been pondering what my “tune-up” would be this week and though I have a long mental list of things in need of tuning, nothing seemed quite right for the upcoming week.

I prayed about what I should be focusing on in the coming week while I was doing our baking this morning. In between baking batches, I began peeking at some posts on my reading list. My e-friend, Brianna at Heart(h) Management shared a link on her “Sit and Sip Saturday” which was so timely. When I began reading it, I knew that it was what the Lord was calling me to work on this week.

This post entitledTaking Back the Day” challenged me. I encourage you to stop by and read it for yourself.

Some days, I wake up and everything goes just as it should. I spend time in prayer, read a chapter of my bible at breakfast, have a productive morning, have a read quiet time in the afternoon while the girls rest, dinner comes together wonderfully and I greet my DH with a smile when he comes home.

Other days, nothing really goes well and if I get a verse read during breakfast, that is the greatest accomplishment of the day! On those days, I just think “survival” and I’ll try again tomorrow.

But we don’t have to let an entire day go by as a “write-off”. That certainly isn’t redeeming the time now is it?

Our God is a God of second chances and, though each day His mercies are new, the moment that we turn to him, we can start again! Whether you’ve messed up big time, woken up “on the wrong side of the bed”, found your attitude lacking or just feel overwhelmed, STOP immediatly and take that moment now to turn to Him. Ask him to help you start over the right way, or with the right hearts attitude. This very moment you can take back your day (or your life) and get back on the right path – His path!

So my tune-up focus this week: to truly redeem my time each day and when I find myself getting off course, to stop, pray, evaluate what is happening and adjust my priorities to reflect what they should be. A big challenge but with the Lord’s help – this week is going to be a great one!
Want to join in? Leave a comment. What ‘Tune-Up’ are you working on this week? (If you need ideas, please refer back to this post.) Do you have a successful “Tune-Up” accomplishment to share? Leave a comment or add a direct link to your blog post below to encourage and inspire others. Don’t underestimate the power of accountability – it’s a great motivator!


  1. Oh, Jenn! How delighted it makes me that the small act of sharing a little link inspired you in a way that it inspired me. A friend shared that link with me on a day when I was *desperately* in need of it. It is truly a gem.

    “Take back the day”–it should be my battle cry!

  2. […] Starting Afresh When Needed. A Path Made Straight had this post about Taking Back the Day and I think about it so often! I am thankful that His mercies are new every morning and that He is a God of second chances! […]

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