Morning Latte Anyone? Planning: Part 3

Some people start their mornings with coffee or tea. For me, it is a shower, which is where I also send my prayers heavenward! A strange place to pray maybe but it is a constant for me in the morning and it works in this season of my life.
After that, I have a very loose schedule that includes dressing the little ones, making my bed and coming downstairs for breakfast. If you read my Tune-Up Tuesday post
here, you will know that I am working on sitting down to eat all of my meals. It is then that I read a chapter of scripture. Associating breakfast with morning bible reading has helped me be regular in both areas. I usually read aloud (a few verses anyway)because Chloe gets excited when I take the bible down (it’s actually her bible because mine is upstairs.) I aim for a chapter but some days it really is only a verse or two. Right now I am reading in Proverbs (31 chapters 31 days in March). I try to have some lingering ‘quiet times’ throughout the week where I read more and pray more but in this season of life, short and sweet is all that works for my mornings. Anyway, after my bible reading – however long or short it is – I turn to the page in my planner called Morning Latte.

Morning Latte is the page that your morning starts on in the Beautiful Life Management System because in order to have that beautiful life that you so desire – Christ needs to be first in your life, day and planner. Now the planner has two plastic movable ‘bookmarks’ which are so great because one is for your devotions and one is for your main planner page so you can always find exactly where you are!

Spending time in the Word is mandatory and so important. It is also something that,many times, is hard to do faithfully. Monday to Friday isn’t where I struggle as much. It is the weekend when my spouse is home and we’re off to do this and that. Using the Morning Latte has really helped keep me accountable because you are jotting down what you read and a quick ‘Today’s Aspiration’ each day. When you miss a day (or a weekend), there is a big blank spot staring at you accusingly. But as we talked about here, God is a God of second chances and whether it is morning, noon or night, you can start over right!

Now I am a fan of the Beautiful Life Management System (can you tell?) however Graceworks also offers a variety of different devotional pages for those of you who already have a planning system in place.

Care to share what works for you to start your day off with the Lord? Feel free to share in the comment section! And yes, our BLMS giveaway is still to come!


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