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Allowance in Our Family

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Why an Allowance? We have always given our children offering for church; “money for Jesus” they have called it since they could first speak and tottle off to their toddler class. Usually it was a quarter – sometimes two. One Sunday afternoon I found John playing with a quarter and questioned him as to where […]

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Pop Bottle Birdhouse Craft

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The tots got a magazine from McDonalds a while back that had a pop bottle birdhouse craft in it. Since moving here last spring and hanging up our first ever feeder, our family has become bird watchers. The tots love, love, love watching the birds come to the feeder and trying to identify them. But […]

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A Real Play Date and Emotional Cups

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It’s been a few weeks since I had the opportunity to go to the Mom Heart Conference. I’m still processing, working through and implementing the things I heard and learned. I’m a slow processor. Something that I came home from the conference mulling over was about my ‘children’s emotional cup’. Now let me start by […]

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Off to the Mom Heart Conference 2012

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Last fall a friend of mine, Brianna {Heart(h) Management}, whom I have never met in real life, invited me to attend Mom Heart. I’d never heard of it and had barely heard of Sally Clarkson. On a whim, I said yes all those months ago and today I find myself boarding a plane, heading off […]

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Crock A Doodle

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Chloe and John love craft time. I was delighted to discover  Crock A Doodle – pottery painting fun for all ages. Isaac’s KinderMusik class met there for one class last month and we made a handprint tile. It’s so cute! We went back the following week and the tots had a great time as they […]

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Educational Fun: Bird Feeders

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  Today began with a flurry of excitement; some new birds at the feeder. Immediately Chloe is grabbing our bird book and thrusting it at me. What kind of bird is it mom?!?! Feathery Friends of Our Feeders Chickadees Blue Jays A lot of Downy Woodpeckers {and one special one named Fred} Unidentified Dove {see […]

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First Day of School 2012-2013

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Well, we’re using Sonlight’s Core A with Chloe and P4/5 for John. Isaac is just tagging along enjoying life. We had a fun box day – unpacking all our fun new goodies – then daddy helped the kids cut up our Sonlight box to make the cardboard rocket that Isaac has been attempting to destroy […]

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Handwriting Practice: Missionary Letters

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Our church supports many missionaries around the world. Every Sunday during Sunday school class we read a letter from one of the missionary families, hearing about the work that God is doing through them in their little little corner of the globe. We also pray specifically for them at that time. A few weeks back, […]

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Camp Fire Songs

Posted by Jennifer under Teaching Tots (2 Responds)

Tonight was the first night we had a fire in the backyard since moving to the new house. We roasted hotdogs for dinner! We all loved it {though poor daddy’s allergies were going crazy today!} We spent a lot of time camping this summer. We have some tried and true songs for singing around the […]

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Rocks in My Washer, More In My Dryer

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I just transferred a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. I collected all the rocks from the bottom of the washer and relocated them to the yard. After starting the dryer, I shut it off, rifled through the clothes and removed the remainder of the rocks. Yesterday my husband put up the […]

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