First Day of School 2012-2013

First Day of School 2012 2013

Well, we’re using Sonlight’s Core A with Chloe and P4/5 for John. Isaac is just tagging along enjoying life.

We had a fun box day – unpacking all our fun new goodies – then daddy helped the kids cut up our Sonlight box to make the cardboard rocket that Isaac has been attempting to destroy play with.

This morning {Monday} we started with breakfast, bible and kitchen cleanup. Then we did LA, math, science and our core read alouds while we had peanut butter with apples. Then off for a chilly walk, a play at the park and to pose for a few pictures.

Our afternoon was spent at the doctor’s office for Isaac. But that’s a story for another day!

First Day of School Play

Want to see how they have grown? Here is our first day of school in 2011-2012. Isaac sure has changed!

Some Outerwear Small Style: John was sporting his beloved Gap Fedora and new converse running shoes. Chloe in her new purple owl Emu’s that I scored on Baby Steals for a song! Isaac was looking all darling in his crocheted monkey hat – an Etsy find that I bought when John was a baby!!