Our 2011 School Year Starts

First Day of Preschool

Today was our first day of school. Last year we did an informal Before Five in a Row curriculum. We enjoyed the stories, but this year I was looking for something still literature-based with lots of reading but with a bit more structure; something that would encourage curiosity and conversation. We ended up choosing Sonlight.

 Day 1 Activities

We had a wonderful first day. We read lots of great stories and had a few interesting conversations. Though it’s only been a day, I think that Sonlight is going to be a fantastic fit for our family.

Chloe was sad that our school day is so short (1 1/2 hours plus craft time). I hope she still feels that way at the end of the school year. During craft time today she painted a dinosaur pencil holder purple and green. She then put on eyes and foam spots and was pleased with herself. This dinosaur craft kit was super easy and she did it completely on her own. {Daddy had bought it for her}. Now lest you be too impressed – craft time is usually consists of some paper and pencil crayons with some stickers and stamps. We do add in more exciting things like painting etc. once a week or so but every day? No way!

John enjoyed school time too. He loved the stories and even did a page in his beginner Kumon workbook (I love their workbooks). He is also quite fond of the Teddy Mix and Match (which came in our Sonlight core) and likes to make piles of the same bears. He’s got matching down pat! We’ve also been practicing making patterns and playing memory but we still have lots to learn!

Isaac also did some work this morning – tummy time on his pillow. He’s doing well and his central and upper tone is improving by leaps and bounds. He’s able to hold his head up for quite a while now with only the littlest bit of support to steady him. Yay, baby!

Mommy’s favorite read of the day was a little poem by Aileen Fisher. It’s from Eric Carle’s Animals Animals. What a great book! I can’t wait to read more of it. I know John and Chloe enjoyed it too since I heard them repeating it to themselves later on in the day.

‘Peck, Peck, Peck’ by Aileen Fisher

Peck, peck, peck
on the warm brown egg.
Out comes a neck.
Out comes a leg.
How does a chick
that’s not been about
discover the trick
of how to get out?

{isn’t that the cutest little poem?}

Day 1 Lunch

Wherever yours are learning this year, how was their first day? (and how was yours?!?)


  1. Lovely! Your children are beautiful. We sneak out for lunch out too! 🙂 One of the many perks of Home Education! We have used and continue to use Sonlight too. Kudos for doing BOTH cores? Wow, that’s a lot. We attempted to do solely Sonlight Core K last year and found it was too much ‘sit down’ work for us and not enough hands-on. That’s why this year we actually chose Five in a Row for a lot of our literary-based study. (ha, funny, I know).
    You’re right, FIAR is less structured. I think I like that about it. We use the Charlotte Mason method and I find FIAR flows very nicely with it. Sonlight is a fantastic program and we continue to use many of our books (using several for this year’s read-alouds) and our kids LOVE the timeline with figures (the book).

    This year we didn’t have a “first day” but we’re flowing into a rhythm slowly. We spend much of our time outdoors – so we’re just breathing in as much of the rivers and streams as we can before the frost comes.

    Much love,


    • Well the Sonlight P3/4 we’re just reading throughout the day/for bedtime/on the go etc. I’m not sure if you did that one last year but it only has one little {fun} activity each day, so don’t be too wowed by two cores 🙂 We’re taking it pretty easy as Isaac still has lots of appointments in Hamilton and life is still far too busy for my liking because of it.
      I’m just reading some Charlotte Mason based books {Laying down the rails and a Charlotte Mason Preschool} and am really liking her philosophies!
      Enjoy the weather this week – it’s beautiful!

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