what it’s not about

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I cried as I read a story by Michelle Lyn from A life surrendered. Then I cried as I read this:

Though I struggle, it’s not about release from the struggle, but allowing Him to change me through it.

Though I fail, it’s not about the mistakes I’ve made, but what He’s done to redeem me of them.

Though I’m faulted, it’s not about my weakness, but His strength made perfect in it.

Though I lack, it’s not about my inadequacy, but His adequacy.

Though I’m flawed, it’s not about being perfect, but allowing Him to perfect me.

Though I fall, it’s not about my failures, but his accomplishment on the cross, and that He meant it when He declared, “It is finished.”

~ Motherhood Redeemed Part 1 at One September Day

Is this not the most incredible reminder? I needed this today. Because I’m feeling like a failure today. Because I need to remember my life isn’t about me at all. It’s about Him. Sometimes I forget that.

In my life, Lord, be Glorified today!