A Day in the Life 5.27.13

Dress Up

The past many months have been somewhat unordinary and the lazy, daisy days and routine that we once possessed had flown out the window. We had houseguests for many months {welcomed of course!} and many, many extra appointments. It seemed as if we were constantly on the go and never at home.

The challenge to never being at home and constantly on the go; a lack of routine which means piano didn’t get practiced, school didn’t get done and mama was constantly behind on basic cleaning and laundry. Always scrambling, always going and always falling short.

I often fall short of my expectations {which is OK as I learn to let it go in light of priorities} but when it becomes a daily occurrence, it sure can take a toll.

No Bake Chocolate Macaroons

But all of our guests left two weeks ago. The house felt empty. I cried. I was lonely. And then I was thankful.

Thankful that the season of guests had passed and we were entering back into a season of routine, of sameness, of not busy-ness.

Today we tidied the kitchen, washed some laundry, practiced for Chloe’s piano recital, made some no-bake macaroons and licked the bowls clean. We read stories and went for a walk.

We had time to discipline – the right way – the way that takes time and energy and prayers and hugs. We ate hamburgers for dinner.

And it was a balm to my soul.

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