A Pediped Princess: A Shoe Review

Pediped princess 2008

I can still recall that crisp fall day that my little 18 month Chloe, who couldn’t talk yet, picked out her first pair of shoes: brown polka dot Giseles by Pediped. Since then we’ve purchased many, many pair of Pediped. Why? I’m glad you asked!

It’s not because of the price to be sure. But the quality, I feel, justifies the price. Chloe wears her shoes to run, jump, climb, play in the sand, ride her bike and more. Her days are full of rough-and-tumble play but she always looks the little lady. These shoes survive all the adventures that this little girl takes them on {and still look great!}.

Pediped makes a wide range of shoes, of all different materials. Our absolute favorite are the mary jane style leather shoes. So breathable! All of Chloe’s Pediped’s to date have had velcro closures, with the exception of her boots which were zippered. They were all easy for her to do and undo herself, however, they were sturdy and well fastened. I love the velcro fasteners which mean you get a custom fit! No matter how fast she was running in this direction or that, her Pedipeds are able to keep up with her!

Their sizing seems to be accurate and consistent no matter what the style. They have a downloadable sizing chart. I’ve used it many times and we’ve had fantastic luck each time with a good fit. I find her Pediped shoes are supportive as she races around and the fit of most of her Pediped’s is beautiful. The ballet flats that we received for the review do seem to fit a little differently, a little wider perhaps? But all our other Pedipeds fit like a glove!

With things like the flex fit system, being recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association, machine washable options, rubber toe options, Grip n Go, Memory Foam, and water safe options, Pediped is always coming up with innovative ideas and fabulous styles.


My favorite thing about Pediped is the adorable styles. With a beautiful balance of adorable and trendy, this wonderful company provides casual and dressy selections for girls and boys alike.

If I am going to spend good money on clothing for my tots, shoes are very high on my list. Little feet are growing and forming; their foot health is as important to me as their good oral, eye or any other aspect of their health. I’ve read that many adults’ foot problems can be traced back to childhood. I feel that Pediped is a company that I can trust my tots feet with for many years to come.

  • Thank you to Pediped for providing a pair of ballet flats for Chloe to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own and all other shoes mentioned in this review, aside from the ballet flats, were purchased by myself.

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