Tiny Tidbits 04.2015

TJ Bears

About the Pics

Chloe received TJ Bear for her first Christmas from her Granny and Grandpa. Every day before noon-nap or before bedtime in the evening, she had a TJ Bear story. Here is our last picture with TJ Bear. They’re growing up and Bear stories have been replaced by CD players with Patch the Pirate and Psalty the Singing Songbook. A little bitter-sweet; a catchword I use a lot in this thing called motherhood.

Look at my big boy, my little Isaac. He’s loving the swing and look at him using the rails on the slide ladder to WALK up the stairs to slide down. I’m so amazed by this little boy. He’s also loving the sandbox, and pulling Kleenexes out of boxes…all in a days work I guess, as he collapses in exhaustion.

And there is my John, riding his new-to-us big boy bike that we picked up from our friend this past weekend.

Funny Little Things

John came upstairs the other morning and said to me, “Mama, I’m so excited. I know what today is!”
”What is today, John?” I ask, uncertainly.
”It’s April Fools Day!” says John.
”Sweetie, it isn’t April Fools Day. That’s at the beginning of April.”
”Ha, ha, mama. I know you are just trying to fool me into thinking it isn’t April Fools.”
{Um, not quite, it isn’t at all April Fools but whatever!}

John, singing away…”Jesus bids us shine with a big, blue light…” {um, try clear and pure lol}

Chloe and John are playing with a ball and it rolls over near the heating vent. “Chloe, it didn’t even fall down the sewer!”

Sneaking into our house late one night after hockey. I told the children to be quiet and not wake up daddy.  John assures me, “Don’t worry mama, I’ll be as quiet as a mouse. Mouses are very quiet…except when they sneeze.”

Chloe had just finished brushing her teeth and was telling me about how one of her teeth was loose and suddenly she shouts, “YES! Now I’ll have money for your Mother’s Day gift!" It’s not quite as funny written down but in the moment it was very cute!

I used to have so many funny moments, and hear so many funny words and sayings but as they get older, I hear less and less. I guess it makes even the littlest of moments all the more precious.