Track and Field 2011

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Our church has a Christian School and the Lord has blessed our church with a good sized property in addition to a large separate gymnasium on the property. Each May, our church hosts a Track and Field meet. Christian schools from all over the area, along with homeschoolers, come to participate. Attendance runs about 450 +/-.

While I usually help out for the day and thus the littles attend, this year was Chloe’s first year participating. While the older children do traditional track and field competitions such as long jump, high jump, short dashes and cross country, the little ones do less traditional activities.


Bean bag toss, Frisbee throw, and three-legged races all provide lots of fun and exercise for the littles. Chloe had a wonderful day and was full of excitement and stories for daddy when he got home. She received a participation ribbon (which all the little ones get and it makes them so proud!) and also a first ribbon. Both are proudly displayed in her room right now.

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John played with his friends in the nursery class so I could help out with an event. He started the day sad, wanting to participate along with Chloe but that passed soon enough. He spent the day playing with friends, running up and down the hill, enjoying hotdogs for lunch and eventually passing out on the nursery floor during afternoon quiet time.

This year a friend and I organized the running long jump event. I raked that pit all day, hoping to bring on labor but do you think it worked? Nope! All I got for my trouble was a tick on my foot from standing bare-foot in the long grass. Blah! I did have a super-enjoyable day chatting with my friend in between groups though.

I enjoy watching the students perform but hated track as a child. What about you?