Popcorn on the Cob

 IMG_6867 IMG_6868

This past fall Chloe went with her cousins to a farm and came home with dried corn on the cob. It decorated our sideboard for Thanksgiving and then sat in the sideboard until I discovered it this spring. As soon as Chloe saw it, she wondered when we would eat it.

Well, a rainy day a few weeks ago, when a movie was an order a Google search revealed that I could simply pop it in the microwave in a paper bag for about a minute or until you hear it popping and then mostly stop.

I put the cob in a lunch sized paper bag and gave it a little twist, though the husk part was still sticking out. About a minute, 10 seconds and I pulled it out, adding some butter and wow, the children devoured the entire bowl within minutes. Either they were hungry or it was good. Either way -  a fun experience. Thanks Aunty Sandy!

IMG_6869 IMG_6870

Have you ever popped dried corn on the cob? Did you know you could?


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