Five Minutes: Celery


After days of rain, the sun has made an appearance. The children are playing in the back yard and it’s lunch time; I hate to call them in. Celery and Cheese Whiz was a treat I enjoyed growing up and my tots feel the same way. An interesting {cheater?} lunch today with that, sliced hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese, some cold meat, pickles and a few nacho chips. Add a glass of milk and I think we’ve covered all the food groups.

The children are delighted; outside on the grass picnicking. Mommy is delighted; no mess in the {mostly} clean kitchen. The sun is shining, I have two healthy, beautiful children, I have a little life within me, wiggling. Soon this little one will join us.


I bought a little vase for $0.15 at a yard sale last year. It’s definitely been a worthwhile purchase; my little ones keep it filled, smiling up at me with their weedy offerings. I kiss those sweet smiling faces, and am thankful.

Today I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed…

  • I’m linking up today with Gypsy Mama who encourages us to take just 5 minutes today and write and Laura to celebrate Gratituesday.

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