A Cardboard Crown

Posted by Jennifer on February 1, 2011 – 5:09 pm

A Cardboard Crown 

With parenting, and life in general, sometimes you just go with it, know what I mean? {Just be sure to catch it on camera for them in the years to come! Ha!}

What’s the funniest thing your tot ever wanted to wear out of the house?

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  1. 1. Genelle Said:

    Thanks for stopping bu my blog. Your son is a cutie and I love his crown! Makes me think we need to make one here on our next snow day when we’re stuck inside.

  2. 2. Tammi Said:

    That is so funny!
    My kids insist on dressing themselves, so they always go out in such odd clothing. Not bad, just….colorful!

  3. 3. Teresa@multi-facetmom Said:

    Ah, John….so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing that Jenn, just put a smile on my face!
    Claire is sitting here with me, yes, at 930pm, because she had a nap today!
    Anyways…the funniest thing she ever wanted to wear out of the house…hmmmm…..well, I don’t know how funny it really is, but she seems to think that wearing sandals, and not just any sandals, but her sparkly silver ones, and bare feet with her snowsuit is a good idea :S

  4. 4. Teresa@multi-facetmom Said:

    Oh, sheesh! I did it again! Hit send and then realized after I didn’t finish my train of thought…..anyways….
    Claire is sitting here with me and said…”Hey that looks like John, you know, Chloe’s little brother!”

  5. 5. Kimarie Said:

    Aw, that IS cute – and I love that he went to the store like that! I just love kiddie imaginations! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too… 🙂

  6. 6. Felicia Said:

    That is awesome!

    Graham loves to put on his super hero cap after a bath lol!

  7. 7. Kathryn Said:

    Oh I just love this! My boys do this kind of thing too, and it just makes my face and my heart smile. I just love the little years.

  8. 8. alissa apel Said:

    My husband does that with Tissue boxes. He put them on his own head and the boy’s heads. LOL I love when kid’s do things that are different!



  9. 9. Gina Alfani Said:

    awwwww he’s so cute . . .

    Thanks for linking up on my WW linky 🙂

    Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . Gina

  10. 10. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves Said:

    Hee! My daughter often wears her dress-up costumes out, but we haven’t had the cardboard crown yet. Cute.

  11. 11. Esther Said:

    Jenn I love this! Of all the funny things I’ve seen kids do, this is the first “cardboard crown” I’ve seen 🙂 Your son is so handsome!

  12. 12. Staci Said:

    LOVE it! It makes me smile when I see little ones dressed crazy 🙂 I LOVE when my daughter insists on a tutu and dress up heels…

  13. 13. Zelma's Workshop Said:

    How fun!! Ya, it does qualify.

  14. 14. Lynette @ My Wee View Said:

    that is just way too cute. We have had some interesting outfits for trips to the store to

    thanks for sharing your WW

  15. 15. willowsprite Said:

    Love it!!

  16. 16. heidi @ wonder woman wannabe Said:

    oh adorable!

    i love that you let him go with it!

    popp’n over after folling your comment on green…your way.


  17. 17. Cafe au lait Said:

    He is too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by for WW. See you next week. 🙂

  18. 18. Elisa Hirsch Said:

    A bug catcher LMAO!

    I found you through the blog hop.

    I’m following. 🙂


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