Chloe Turns Four

Chloe turns four on Sunday but we celebrated her birthday on Friday night with family. Boy, was she excited!

Chloe was delighted to receive two new barbie’s, new books, and new clothing. She also received a zoobie from her Aunt, Uncle and cousins. John (2 years 5 months) really took to it. He kept asking me if it was his birthday yet and was pretty good-natured about the answer, “no”.

Saturday {today} is my birthday. I turned 32 today. I don’t feel 32 but then what does 32 feel like?

Four years ago today, I woke up in labor. Being in labor may not seem like a good way to spend your birthday but each year, on my birthday, I remember that special day in 2007…on the cusp of motherhood! I do plan to share her homebirth story soon, just as soon as I find a moment to sit down and write it.

Today, Chloe and I baked cupcakes for her Sunday School class tomorrow. Since it’s her actual birthday tomorrow, I thought she would enjoy sharing a treat with her class. She was delighted with the purple icing.



  1. Happy birthday to the both of you. Chloe looks so pretty in her dress. Sounds like a great celebration! My Tabitha is looking forward to her 4 year birthday at the end of the month!

  2. Happy Birthday to Chole and a belated happy birthday to you! Those purple cupcakes look divine. Hope you both enjoy your weekend.

  3. Happy Late Birthday! I hope it was great. I hope your
    32 nd year is a great as mine was!!! I also hope your daughter has a great birthday day today too. Yay!!

  4. I think those cupcakes are beautiful!!! Happy Birthday to your daughter, and belated birthday to you!!

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