Good Mom. Bad Mom. Perfect Mom.


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Welcome to Simply Baby. I’m delighted that we are embarking on this journey. Last week I mangled my first post in the series. It made me realize I need to exercise caution throughout this series and will invest a little planning in this series of posts rather than just writing off the top of my head which is my usual style.  We will be revisiting A Birthing View in what I hope to be a more encouraging way in the next week.

The goal of Simply Baby is to share with you my experiences, to encourage, inspire, present options and have fun along the way. I want you to realize I am not a doctor, nurse, counselor or any sort of professional. I share from my own experiences, which up to now include 2 births; very limited. I do hope to share some guest posts from others about their birth experiences. Every mother has a story and each baby story is different. If you’d like to share your story, please feel free to email me jennifer{@}

The Circle of Mothers

Natural birth, medicated, home, hospital, back seat of a car, C-section, adoption – however you became a mother is but a small part of the journey of parenting. It was (and is) but the means. The important part truly is when you open your heart and arms to your child and the incredible journey that follows. So hugs all round to those of us who have (or are about to) join the circle of mothers.

Good. Bad. Perfect.

During pregnancy, in labor and on our parenting journey, we will all be faced with decisions, choices or circumstances {in or out of our control}, in which the the results may leave us feeling like a good mother or a bad mother.

Maybe your labor didn’t go as planned. Maybe you breastfed for a year or two, maybe you couldn’t though you desperately wanted to, or maybe you decided to use formula from the get-go. Regardless, you are the perfect mother for your child. You were handpicked to be the mother of your specific children, including the one(s) on the way, because the Creator of All knew you would be the perfect one for the job.

So as we go through this series, please remember that I am sharing my thoughts and experiences. They will be different from yours. My choices and decisions are the right ones…for me! I present them for you to consider as you make the right decisions and choices for you and yours!


  1. I agree that we are each the perfect mom (for *our own* kids). And I think we’re all experts (of *our own* kids) too! But, of course we all go through those times where we feel like we have no clue what we’re doing!

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