AskTheReaders: Into Everything!


This is but a tiny glimpse into the disaster that was Chloe and John’s bathroom this morning. The place was trashed, all towels soaked and an unopened box of tampons trashed! {I use my DivaCup but I like to have a few tampons in our guest bathroom for visitor emergencies}.

It used to be that Chloe would entertain herself {fairly} quietly in her room until I was ready in the morning. For about a month now, she has been getting into everything. All the time. I’m going to go crazy. She also disobeys, is disciplined and then I’m dealing with the same thing again!


Then I open my my planner and catch a glimpse of my first page. I don’t know how I am going to parent this little challenge but I know that He can help me do it!

Today we are going to get Christmas pictures done and then bake my cupcake order for 140. It’s going to be a busy day since I also have a mountainous pile of dirty/wet towels to wash from this morning’s disaster. Can I tell you, she did the same thing to the bathroom yesterday? I have all those towels to wash too.

I guess taking away her freedom and making her always stay within sight is something we’ll have to implement. I have the play pen out which is where she went while I cleaned up the bathroom. Crazy that it was my almost 4 year old sitting in the playpen while my 2 year old obediently sat on his bed.

So, fire away. Suggestions welcome. What to do with a get-in-to-everything child? Do you have a creative discipline method? Has anyone else experienced this “regression” of behavior?


  1. I don’t know if it would be considered creative, but I have my son work alongside me to clean any of his messes. The only problem is, he enjoys it so much he seems to make more messes. Now for some, like marking on the wall (he did that for the first time today) or couch, his punishment is not being allowed to help…AGHHH! That brings on the tears…what to do? I take it day by day, sometimes moment by moment. He’s 20 months. You’re not alone in trying to find the best method…I think we’re all looking for the perfect solution, but my guess is there really isn’t one 🙂

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