What’s Technical Animal Fat?


While driving home from our Washington trip, we saw this sign on a truck. Both of us wondered what technical animal fat was.

I googled it and found a sign-spotting site that had a similar photo with the caption, “not intended for human consumption”. Doesn’t sound like something I’d want to eat anyway, but what’s it for?!?


  1. Now that’s funny…no clue what it is though.

  2. The things we see on the road,lol. I think it can be lard or Heavy Cream.

  3. That’s funny!

    My guess is that it’s animal fat used for some technical function? Google isn’t much help… but it looks like it has something to do with rendered fat and the glue/other-stuff they make from it. [shrug]


  4. I’ve seen a lot of stuff driving down the highway but never that!

  5. LOL too funny…maybe for making other products…like soap? Don’t they make soap out of fat?

  6. Gross…that’s what it is! LOL…maybe for like soaps and stuff? Eww…makes me think of Fight Club.

  7. …or the stuff they put in lipstick!

  8. I have no idea! but it does sound odd…

    At work we have a fridge that holds science stuff and we have a sticker on it that says “not for human consumption”. – DUH!

    thanks for linking up your WW.


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