Adventure: Toronto

One snowy day we drove to Toronto. Actually it was on Saturday.

IMG_5518 We went to the Art Gallery of Toronto. We perused their regular exhibit at a good pace which is common for our family now that it encompasses two tots. In the first gallery, the attendant gave each of the littles a card (about the size of a baseball card) with a picture on it and told them they were on a hunt to find it in the gallery. What fun they had. It was like a scavenger hunt, fun but educational at the same time. We ended up collecting 5 cards though we didn’t find everything, we had fun trying. The Maharaja: The Splendor of the India’s Royal Courts was a fun exhibit with amazing jewelry, lots of swords for John, dresses, a coach, a custom Rolls Royce and lots of interesting things.

IMG_5519  IMG_5520

We went for a walk down Queen Street and spent quite a few minutes watching through the window at the Crepe Cafe. He was super fast and every crepe he produced was perfect, just like the one before it.

IMG_5521 IMG_5524  

We went to the Korean Grill for lunch for their all-you-can-eat $8.99. The littles were super excited to have fire in the middle of our table. We enjoyed several little veggie sides along with the assortment of meat that each person grills themselves. (Or that daddy grills for everyone!) DH and I just loved the pickled daikon. Sometimes I find it a little hard at first, this trying of new things, but then I am so very surprised at how much I like. I’m thankful for the opportunity to try new things! Chloe and John both put fantastic effort into using the chopsticks to varying degrees of success. By the end of the meal, Chloe was impressing me and John just chose to use them to drum with. That was OK too since it entertained him {relatively} quietly.

IMG_5527   IMG_5522

We finished off our lunch and headed to Spence Diamonds to have my engagement ring cleaned and inspected then went to Ikea. I bought a new plant. Once I pot him and name him, I’ll introduce you. Yes, our day was super full and I arrived home exhausted.

I’m thankful for such a fantastic day, for Groupon {which enabled us to get our AGO membership} and for a home, sweet home to come home to!