A Tired Mommy

2010 Cubbie Girl My little Cubbie girl earned her Hopper patch last week.

I’m tired, so very tired. I’m ecstatic to be pregnant but not quite as ecstatic to experience the joys that the first trimester often brings.

With Isaiah and Chloe, the first trimester was full of  terrible morning sickness {which did not limit itself to morning}, extreme tiredness and no energy at all. I spent a lot of time vomiting but found that eating popsicles constantly really helped the nausea. I was blessed to work in an office where eating popsicles at my desk all day was actually not an issue.  Neither was sleeping in my car on my lunch break.

With John, aside from extreme tiredness, his was a pretty easy pregnancy. Thankfully those first few months I was still at home on maternity leave with Chloe who still napped twice a day so that was awesome.

This pregnancy, I’m at home with a very busy two year old and an active 3 year old. Thankfully they both nap in the afternoon so I’m trying to get in a little rest during that time. Does anyone else have trouble napping? It’s so hard to turn off my mind and just embrace sleep in the middle of the day, even when it is needed and necessary.

Tonight, my husband made a fantastic Chili for dinner {lots so guess what I’ll be enjoying for lunches this week?}. I’ve been thinking about Chili all summer. It’s something we seem to eat only when the cooler weather arrives. It was so yummy. I love mushrooms in my Chili. DH doesn’t believe that mushrooms belong in Chili so he made it without them. But {because he is awesome} he did sauté some separately for my bowl.

So this week I am going to eat a lot of Chili, try get some naps in and review my list of essentials for each day. I love a clean organized home but honestly? I’m exhausted  and need to focus on barebones housekeeping right now.

What are you up to this week? Do you like mushrooms in your Chili?


  1. I don’t like beans in my chili. Which makes my chili…meat sauce. BUT if you run the beans throught he food processor and then add them to the chili, I will eat it.
    And I love mushrooms and I think they go with almost anything.
    I hope you manage OK. Just remember that the housework can wait. Keeping you and that baby healthy is what matters.

  2. If both my kids napped there’s nothing that would keep me from napping too! I’m so exhausted, but my kids never are…

    If I were you I would lay down at “nap” time and read a book. If you’re tired enough you’ll fall asleep and if not you’ll get some down time where you can turn off your mind (or at least turn it towards something else!)

    PS: Love the Cubbie vest! Elijah has just started his second year and is so excited to be back. I hope Chloe loves it!

  3. Bless your heart — I’m sure you ARE in need of rest! I hope you’ll soon be able to fall asleep quickly and thoroughly for your naps.

    I’m currently stirring up a recipe new to me, Polish Sausage Stew. My sister-in-law served it at our Thomas Family Camp this summer and I just knew it would become a family favorite! Now that we finally have some cooler weather, this big pot of beans and smoked sausage sounded like just what we needed for dinner tonight. We, like your family, will be eating beans several times this week!

    Hmmmm… I’ve never eaten chili with mushrooms, but perhaps we should give it a try. Thanks for the tip!


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