God Can Do Anything?



Did you ever sing the song in Sunday School, “God can do anything, anything, anything, God can do anything but fail. He can save, He can keep, He can cleanse and He will…”

Matthew 19:26

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

We know the verse, we sing the verse, we use the verse to encourage others but do we really believe it? Well, yes of course I believe it.

But do you really?

I thought I did. But there was something in my life that I didn’t believe He was in control of; something that was too hard for God. It wasn’t that I was waiting for answer of “yes, no or wait”, it was that I didn’t believe it was within His power to give. {Gasp!} But the thing is, I didn’t know I believed that lie!

He showed me that, without a doubt, it was in His absolute control. He showed me it was easily within His power to give it to me if He chose to. {My incredulity bore witness to my lack of belief} And then He chose not to. Cruel? Absolutely not. I’m disappointed and yes, a little sad. But I feel enveloped in love that He was willing to meet that need that I didn’t know I had; to KNOW that with Him, all things truly are possible.

Is there something that, deep down, you think is too hard for Him? A loved one who doesn’t know the Lord and you’ve given up? A situation that seems hopeless? No? What about someone that you didn’t witness to because you didn’t think they would be interested? {translation: God couldn’t touch their heart}.

The Lord  can bless your heart and meet your needs today. He desires to show you all He can do. He did it for me, He’s done it for others, He’s waiting to meet your needs today too!

What a mighty God we serve! What needs has He met for you lately?


  1. What a great post. Such a good reminder. Everyday we are blessed with small and great miracles. If we open our hearts, minds and eyes we will see them.
    Be blessed,
    “Open the Door To Your Fear”

  2. So true, I know he can do anything and that he will but I have trouble letting him do it without interfering. I have trouble giving things up to God 100%.

  3. GOD is faithful and can do anything. HE created heaven and earth and single handedly spread across the earth. What can HE not do? Nothing! Only if we can belief and let HIM work things out. GOD help me today to belief in YOU with all my heart and also to be able to cast all my cares and worries on you.

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