Condensed Storybook Gardens

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Today we went adventuring to Storybook Gardens and what an adventure it was. We headed out with my sister and nephews. It’s about an hour away and completely worth the drive!

Upon arrival, we entered Storybook Castle; Chloe was pretty excited. We presented our 2 for 1 coupons and saved quite a bit. Because of our online research, we also knew to buy the sale ride tickets and split them.

Pirates Cove is a huge playground with a wooden “sunken” ship, HUGE slides, tree forts, climbing ropes and more. It wasn’t busy at all here today so the kids had a lot of freedom and enjoyed every minute of it.

We visited the Backwoods Maze, the duck pond and Old MacDonald’s Farm. I was a little disappointed here only because on the website it indicated that you could buy feed for the ducks but when we arrived, we couldn’t find the feed for sale anywhere. When you are 2 or 3 or 31 there is something wonderful about feeding the animals. I know the littles were just as disappointed as me but they got over it quickly as we headed through the London Bridgeimage

On to the seals! The kids enjoyed hearing about Slippery the Sea Lion’s great escape as they watched them swim around. One of them went poo and that was the highlight of the trip for my sister! LOL. She was so excited yelling, “Look, look, see that brown thing? That’s his poo!”. I have to admit, that being her highlight may have been the highlight for me! {and yes, I warned her I was sharing her reaction!}

We stopped to visit Humpty Dumpty and my nephews did their absolute best to help him have a great fall. Thankfully the spring is pretty strong and there were no falls today.

We picnicked for lunch and then had a ride on the carousel and the little train; classic little rides that were delightful. There are some new rides this year; a Ferris wheel, carnival elephants, a slide and bouncy castle. Honestly? I think they are detrimental to the look, feel and experience of the park. The park is beautiful and offers the opportunity for a a leisurely stroll through the storybook character displays reciting rhymes together. These new rides cheapen the park and distract from it. I don’t care for it at all.


After the rides, we headed to the splash pad, Slippery’s Escape. The children had a blast running through the sprinklers, using the water cannons and experimenting with the water table. I have no pictures here since my camera battery had died by this point.


After our play time at the splash pad, my sister and nephews headed to the awesome sandbox play area but my littles had had a full day and we headed home full of tears, lamenting the fact that it was time to go.

What a wonderful day of fun and adventure. Admission for adults is 7.50 and for children is 6.50 which I think is a pretty reasonable price. Tickets for the rides are extra but you can have tons of fun without the extras!